Clear out your next two weekends, because DBS Marina Regatta is pulling out all stops to bring to you a fresh new experience both on and off water.

To those who haven’t attended the Regatta before, the annual Dragon-boat competition’s activities are not just confined to sport fanatics alone but to anyone who knows how to have a good time. We were sent the media notes regarding the launch for the Marina Regatta but were so overwhelmed with the sheer number of activities to participate in that we simply chose the top 5 which we thought sounded the most exciting.

  1. Urban Pop-up Beach 

Photo by DBS Marina Regatta

If you have ever felt a strong sudden urge to visit the beach whilst in the midst of the CBD, you can actually now do so with the regatta bringing back its urban beach concept from last year, with the beach spanning over the size of 3100 sqm, complete with a pool area of its own.

There are also beach activities as well such as stand-up yoga classes, zorbing, as well as stand up paddling for both families and solo party-goers alike.

2. Giant Inflatable Slide 


Photo by Full Circle Pr

Did we talk about a giant inflatable slide? Because there’s going to be a giant inflatable slide on the pop-up beach.

We’re not talking about your local fun fair’s bouncy castle rides either. We’re talking about Southeast Asia’s tallest inflatable slide, towering at 16 meters (which is about 5 stories tall).

4 people can ride on the attraction at the same time, which means that you can race your family or friends down the slide before the slide attendants catch you and stop you.

3. Mini Food and Arts Carnival

shop house

Photo by DBS Marina Regatta

The regatta is not without its own touch of taste and culture appreciation with its Chow House and Shop House, both situated along the pop-up beach as well.

The Shop House, curated by local art market specialists, The Local People, features local designers and their unique and handmaid works of art such as print illustrations, handmaid pottery, and simple stylish accessories. On top of all this, the shops will all be in old shipping containers that have been cleaned out and refitted. (knock yourself out with snapchat and instagram)

The Chow House as you would expect, offers a mini culinary fest for all hungry beach goers with popular Singaporean establishments like Snag Shack, Kerbside Gourmet, and Fika.

4. Music Festival


Photo by DBS Marina Regatta

Music lovers will have plenty to look foward to as well with a host of local award winning musical acts lined up for them. The lineup for the Marina Regatta includes the likes of Take Two, who released their new EP last year, uprising local indie singer-songwriter Linying, as well as musical veteran Inch Chua, who is now based in Los Angeles.

The performances are spread out over the two weekends and will start in the evenings. This means that you can sit back after a long day with a cold beer on the beach to enjoy the music whilst enjoying the sunset.

5. Watersports


Photo by DBS Marina Regatta

Last but not least, the actual dragon-boat races and other watersport activities which will be held throughout the 2 weekends.

Besides being able to watch the competitive races live, sport enthusiasts will be able to take part in “themed races”, a bid by DBS Marina Regatta to broaden the appeal of dragon-boating to the masses. There will also be a kayaking competition, a fiesta open to anyone from children to competitive rowers to the elderly.

In short, we say the event held by DBS is packed with enough activities to satisfy and entertain all who do decide to come down and would definitely be something worth taking your time to check out for. See you at the regatta!

DBSMR_Slide-Infographic_midres DBSMR_Beach-Infographic_midres

The DBS Marina Regatta will be held at the Promontory @ Marina Bay, 28-29 May & 4-5 June.
For more information, visit their website here.

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