Floating around the social media sphere are articles that paint a gloomy picture of London’s clubbing scene, as millennials find nights out increasingly expensive and rather spend their cash on trying new food.

Waze & Odyssey, on contrary, are more optimistic about their hometown’s scene:

We’ve seen the exact opposite from gigs, lots of young people getting into dance music and clubbing and then progressing their tastes and interests within the scene as they get older.

There’s a really good, strong scene out there at the minute, I’m sure some people want to chill out but there are enough people out there going to sold out parties for there to be a solid scene.

Holding professions that touch hearts in high regard, such as your doctors and nurses, Waze & Odyssey also have more respect for producers who maintain their integrity and not go into ghost production.

With the continued interest in Record Store Day coming up on 18 April, and the uprising workload at pressing plants, Waze & Odyssey is of the view that vinyl revival is here to stay:

Digital is still huge, what’s actually happened is that people are re-discovering vinyl across the board and so all the 40 year olds who maybe threw out their vinyl collections and getting back into it. The dance scene is very buoyant with regards to vinyl sales but the reality is that it’s re-issues of Fleetwood Mac and Led Zep that are accounting for the huge boom.

Vinyl has outlasted lots of other formats, so we’re sure it’ll be around for a good while yet.

With that, we leave you with the duo’s top 5 earworms of the moment.

  1. Lancelot – He Said
  2. Waze & Odyssey – Strobe Lights (Flash Lights)
  3. Walker & Royce – Gimme
  4. Mediman – Tiankeng
  5. David Jach – Cracking Drop


Waze & Odyssey will be spinning at Hideout 2016 in Croatia alongside heavyweights Seth Troxler, Bicep, Jamie XX and more.

Shout-out to Melissa from Maouris for facilitating this interview.