Though we aren’t well-versed in Dothraki, I’m sure we could get along with Hodor by murmuring ‘Hodor, hodor’, when he stops by Podium Lounge during the F1 weekend in September.

The 6-foot tall giant, Hodor (aka Kristian Nairn) in the Game of Thrones is endearing, but beneath that veneer, lies a very talented Nairn in real life. Nairn will be slaying the DJ decks to kickstart Day 1 of the high-octane party held at the swanky Ritz Carlton.

Day 2 will see Mark Doyle (the creator of HED KANDI), joining forces with vocals from Soraya Vivian and sax from Lady V (Fierce Angel collective) to mesmerise the crowd. And on race night, we won’t be expecting anything less than a spectacular finish from 8KY 6LU from LMFAO.

Known in Singapore F1 circuit’s as an A-List party which welcomes ambassadors, models, and even race car drivers; Podium Lounge constantly keeps its game strong by bringing only the best quality DJs. Previous heavyweights include Sander Kleinberg, who belted out sick tracks with depth, a divine skill which allows his emotions to flow from him, to his audience.

Before you lay accusations that Nairn‘s just making use of his Hodor fame to kickstart his DJ career (*cough* Paris Hilton) – stop. Nairn has been in the DJ circuit for the past 20 years, and sets dance floors on fire with his pulsating, energetic progressive house tunes. An ex-Kremlin resident DJ, Kristian is openly gay, and recently vocalized his call for equal marriage rights in Northern Ireland.

Totally stoked that the man who has shared decks with Cavlvin Harris, and has his sets shared by Freemasons and Grant Nelson, is able to share his unique blend of music with us next month. Hodor, is definitely his side gig, and he fully embraces it, since it allows him to bond people on the dance floor, as it does in TV. Definitely will be hearing calls to “Aranat oqo” (”to drop the beat” in Dothraki), and seeing some Daenery wigs on the dance floor.

Parties aside, for the petrol-heads who are more keen on experiencing an unforgettable moment on the track, you can try your luck by participating in the Red Bull Night Hunt. 5 clues, 5 weeks – give it your best shot, and who knows you might be next to Daniel Ricciardo burning mad fuel and rubber on the F1 night tracks. The race is on!

We have 5 pairs of tickets to giveaway for Friday 18 September at Podium Lounge featuring DJ Kristian Nairn. Simply like  this Facebook post, and tag a friend whom you would like to bring along.