The Sunshine Nation folks have done it again. You know they are game changers when they put together the first-ever electric picnic party in Singapore.

This Friday, headlining their Circular Road Block Party is Michael Korb (aka KlangKuenstler), a 90s kid, who moved from his Bavarian home to Germany, where he was inspired by the heaving clubs in Munich. Opening his set are local DJs Ming and Seng Wei.

By and large KlangKuenstler is a dreamer, and one with heart. Renowned composer Leonard Bernstein quipped that the reason why man creates, is a mystery in itself. Why would anyone be minded to go down the useless, glorious pursuit of artistic truth? If not for big money or fame, motivations for good artistes – that ‘unmotivated persistence, that divine drive’ – is to them, truth in itself. It is this glorious, mysterious motivation, that allows KlangKuenstler to harness his emotional energy, and produce music for the heart.

Music, like art, is about self-expression. It is through his down-to-earth disposition, and simple responses, that we figure the focus is not on him, but his music. KlangKuenstler chooses to bring out melodic tunes first, followed by the bass; an inimitable style which he has passionately developed since the tender age of 18.

His spirited remix, Barfuss Auf Wolken (‘barefoot on the clouds’) is uplifting, optimistic, and hugely popular. Aptly summarizing the summer spirit, the track crossed the million play mark on Soundcloud. His forte is in open air shows, where he can spontaneously adapt to the crowd. Citing Moderat’s track as one of his favourites, it is clear he derives inspiration from psychedelic sounds – so be prepared to let go of the past and the future, and journey with him in the now, to the crevices of his creative mind.

There are no barriers to entry this Friday, simply turn up, tune in, and enjoy the ride.


Where? Circular Road.
When? 28 August 2015, 7pm till late.
Details here.