It has been a couple of weekends since the crazy festive season of Christmas gatherings and end-of-year parties, and most of us have now slowly settled back into the usual school and work schedules. But before you get caught up in endless deadlines yet again, let us take a #throwback to two of the biggest parties on Siloso Beach in 2014: the much-raved ZoukOut and exhilarating Siloso Beach Party!

Since both large-scale parties are held annually in close proximity in the month of Decmeber, partygoers tend to weigh the perks of the two, especially if on a tight budget! This inevitably sparks the question: which party is more suitable for the different kinds of partygoers?

For most beach parties, the three main aspects of the event would lie in its music, atmosphere and fun factor that determines the affordances of the event collectively. Reviewing the amazing time both ZoukOut (12-13 Dec 2014) and Siloso Beach Party (31 Dec 2014) offered in these four areas, we suggest where you’re most likely to be caught having the best time instead of otherwise.


Siloso Beach Party – for the Concert-Goer

Mike Candys, a Swiss music producer and dance DJ with his signature smiley head at Siloso Beach Party! Photo: Sentosa

If you are someone who loves gigs and and you find yourself at a concert like, every week, then you’ll love the Siloso Beach Party where it’s pretty much a session of screaming the words to your favourite pop and mainstream dance music. Expect music from the “Top 100 Hits” kind of artists, where you won’t be the only one dancing to Katy Perry or rapping with Iggy Azalea.

ZoukOut – for the EDM Enthusiast

Skrillex! Photo: ZoukOut Official Facebook

By EDM enthusiast, we mean people who actually know the differences between House, Dubstep and Big Room. Beyond bringing in the hottest, biggest international DJs everyone loves, ZoukOut is for you if you are honestly intrigued by the electronic dance music genre beyond a club setting, and find yourself exploring artists like Hardwell, Tchami, Jack Ü and Zedd.


Siloso Beach Party – for the Event Embracer

Oh hey, 2015! Photo: Sentosa

After all, the Siloso Beach Party is a countdown party, right? While it is undoubtedly as loud and exhilarating as ZoukOut, this beach party is the perfect way for you to usher in the new year especially if you are looking to end off the year with a bang. There are “2015 Resolutions” boards for you to write your wishes for the new year, and of course, a spectacular fireworks display comparable to the ones you see on TV at midnight. If you love celebrating festive seasons at huge events, then counting down at Siloso Beach Party is definitely for you!

ZoukOut – for the Trippy Animal

Photo: ZoukOut Official Facebook

The atmosphere at ZoukOut is insane! One look and you know that almost everyone are indeed those who pledge to “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat”. You will love ZoukOut if you already are a regular clubber – think Zouk on a TGIW, but ten times more intense!


Siloso Beach Party – for the All-You-Can-Party Person

Photo: Sentosa

Beyond the famous foam party area at Siloso Beach Party, the event boasts of the wackiest performances and grandest chill-out spots. Almost throughout the night you will be water-sprayed by what I like to call firefighters (look at the above picture!), and this is really helpful to keep everyone cool and comfortable. At the Siloso Beach Party, entertainment goes beyond the DJ to the stunning dancers and gymnasts on stage. There is also a viewing deck to get a bird’s eye view of the party!

ZoukOut – for the Music Fest Minimalist

Nicky Romero taking a float on the crowd! Photo: ZoukOut Official Facebook

ZoukOut’s fun factor is all about the music experience. With two separate stages set (Sun & Moon), it is pretty obvious that partygoers at ZoukOut define their enjoyment on music quality. While there are the typical beach balls and flame machines to create a dynamic atmosphere of partying, ZoukOut boasts mainly of world-class music – it will be the main thing you remember after waking from your hangover.

Did you attend either or both parties in December 2014? Comment below and share with us your raving experiences!

Featured Image: ZoukOut Official Facebook

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