German trance duo, Cosmic Gate, was scheduled to hit the decks of Zouk in the morning of 29 June 2014.

On or around 1.53am on 29 June 2014,  a sudden police raid put a halt to their set. Police cordoned off the main entrances. No one was allowed to enter or leave the premises.


Source: Popspoken

According to sources, people were let out in batches of 20 at certain exits.

At 2.45am, chatters of impatience could be heard. World cup fans were contented to watch the exciting penalty shots between Chile and Brazil. Others were standing around, conceiving of ways to ‘feign illneses’ in order to leave the premises.

Meanwhile, Cosmic Gate remained positive, and was eager for their set to begin.

Source: Cosmic Gate's twitter page (Retrieved at 1.10pm, 29 June 2014)

Source: Cosmic Gate’s twitter page (Retrieved at 1.10pm, 29 June 2014)

The general sentiment of the crowd was cluelessness, “Why were the police raiding Zouk, what was going on?”

To the best of our source’s knowledge, there were no signs of altercations or brawls within the crowd.


Source: Popspoken

The police continued to let people out in batches. An hour later since the raid began, approximately 40% of the crowd was still held in Zouk’s premises.

The police counted to precisely 20, and led these 20 people to another room. This next room led to the exit.

Before exiting, these 20 people had to present their IDs. Names and identification numbers were not taken down at this stage.

At 3.56 am, Cosmic Gate posted an empathetic tweet.

Screenshot 2014-06-29 13.03.10

Source: Cosmic Gate’s twitter page (Retrieved at 1.10pm, 29 June 2014)

It is unclear what the precise time was when the police raid at Zouk ended.

Screenshot 2014-06-29 13.03.03

Source: Cosmic Gate’s twitter page (Retrieved at 1.10pm, 29 June 2014)

In any case, by the time Cosmic Gate posted a tweet at 5.09am, it was too late for them to proceed with their set.