When we started thinking about Popspoken’s vision for 2014, we instantly looked to our wrists.

Moment Watches collaborated with us to produce a limited-edition line of Popspoken watches. While looking every bit awesome, they are an extension of the Popspoken experience: edgy, irreverent, personal with a pulse on the world.

We hope to extend this experience into 2014. With coverage into regional music festivals and the selfie phenomenon paying off, it has become evident that you, the Popspoken reader, crave for something more incisive, curated and experiential.

Oftentimes, life tends to gloss over. Can you remember all the things you did this year? You may remember some talking points of the year, but how about the small good deeds that pop up every so often? Can you even list all the musicians that came down to Singapore in 2013?

In the age of social media and the Internet, choice is aplenty. But so is noise. There is no better example of that than this year’s crowded watercooler conversation. And with noise, comes the ability to gloss over happenings and look at them from a superficial point of view.

We hope to change that next year. Connecting the dots in your world view will be the focus across our verticals. In the field of entertainment, we hope to bring you more live experiences in concerts and artistes. An artiste publishes his or her work in the public domain for enjoyment, but it comes with scrutiny. In that aspect, you won’t find celeb gossip here. We respect the artiste for the bravery in putting themselves out there and so, we will respect their personal lives. (Unless they choose to share that with us, that is.)

Regionally, it is an exciting time for entertainment in Asia. More international artistes are coming to our shores and there has been a great amount of exchange among countries. The Eurovision-styled ABU TV Song Festival is an example of that and we hope to continue in that vein. Popspoken has been to various regional music festivals and we hope to keep this up. Philippines, we’re coming for you: we are the official media partner for the 7107 Music Festival this January featuring Red Hot Chilli Peppers. We’re very certain this won’t be the last.


It is also a great time in Singapore’s lifestyle scene. More F&B outlets are sprouting, the fashion scene here has established itself well and art here has never been more exciting. But, with that comes a sense of staleness, a lack of invigoration and of discovery. So, we’re bringing you deeper into the goings-on in Singapore. From no-nonsense independent reviews of food outlets to the day-to-day business of fashion, we hope to shed light on what goes on behind the glitz and glam. The bright spotlights can get quite blinding, so we hope you can better appreciate a well-lit perspective once the back light turns on.

Make no mistake: 2013 was the watershed year in sociopolitics. There has never been a better time than now, with so much gumption and opinion spilling everywhere on social media. However, with recent entrants into the sociopolitical scene, comes an unfiltered anger that is the result of repression. A measured perspective is lacking in a space filled with complaints and radicalism.


As such, our Issues column will strive to be a bit more different than reading any other site with commentary or readers’ letters. From revealing personal experiences to uncovering the undercurrents of society, we hope to add more originality and substance into the Singapore conversation, rather than rehashing the flavour of the minute. No bullshit is what has become the mainstay of Popspoken, since its inception. Hopefully, the truth will be the small light in the chaos that permeates much of the Internet today.

We feel the staleness that is slowly creeping into the Internet, as the focus on what’s trending becomes cumbersome and ephemeral.

Let’s start discovering and hopefully, life will not be a throwaway experience.

Happy new year. Here’s to a new you.