With the clammy fingers of Halloween slowly trailing out of our minds, we thought it would only be apt to bring up the hilarious moments from our experience at this year’s Sentosa Spooktacular. From faceless ghouls abusing their gongs to the jovial cast of the Thai comedy horror film, Pee Mak; we remember it all.

Spooktacular 2013 boasted of five hair-raising trails based on the best of foreign horror films. The vengeful spirits of Dorm and Shutter lurked in the darkness, while the brilliantly ghastly Shomba (the star of Coming Soon) roamed the paths in pairs, dying for your attention.

Did you flirt with the undead nurses? Did you join the lonely tuk-tuk lady? Did you run from the cloth-sack headed beings when they offered you a share of joss sticks and red candles? Did you attend all five trails (and honestly, who completed all the body-sewing-photograph-collecting quests)?

We did it all and more.

Pee Mak Cast

In order from the left: Nuttapong Chartpong as “Ter”, Chantavit Dhanasevi as “Shane” in Coming Soon, Wiwat Kongrasri as “Shin”, PongsathornKantapat Permpoonpatcharasuk as “Aey”, and Jongwilak as “Puak”.

We joined the casual gathering with the cast of Pee Mak, and learnt that:

  1. All the Thai boys are really pretty
  2. Ghostbusters is one of their favourite “horror film”.

Throughout the session, they poked friendly jibes at each other in awkward English and agreed on their director’s role to be like a “father”. It was comical to watch the united sentiment in singling out Pongsathorn (Puak) when asked to identify who would be the creepiest spectre within the group – simply because he’s too cool and no one knows what he’s thinking about all the time.

How does the food in Singapore fare? We found out that they have only tried the chicken rice here during their brief stay, but they gushed out compliments. Let’s wait till they try our ba chor mee and chilli crab.

More Pee Mak

Not so scary after all!

When we wondered if the success of the movie leaned towards to comedy or horror aspect, the boys replied, “Everything!” A definite sporting group, (and we mean it literally as well because there was a mixture of badminton, football, basketball players) we look forward to seeing more of them on the silver screens.

At the end of it, no one leaves Spooktacular without doing the official Pee Mak dance – sincerely taught by the cast themselves. Our embarrassing moves could be one of the reasons why we rushed out, but then again, it could be because of our narrow escape from all the determined spirits.

Pardon us, but did you pee your pants? We would love to know… because it wasn’t us behind you all the way throughout the night.