Extravagance is the buzzword for a successful F1 party.

Yes, the F1 season has come and gone. As we welcome Christmas and the New Year, here is a brief recap of the most debaucherous party that took place during the Singapore Grand Prix 2013.

Sky Grand Prix Party 2013 organised by Creative Insurgence set a high benchmark by giving out a Brilliant Cut Heart Shape Caraters Diamond worth a whopping $18,000. The mechanism of the contest was simple, all ladies just had to finish the glass of champagne presented. At the bottom of the champagne flute was a cherry and the lucky lady would find a diamond in place of the cherry seed.

Held at the swanky Ocean Financial Centre in the heart of the Central Business District, Zafferano was transformed into a hub of high-octane buzz where guests could savour the bright, throbbing lights from the F1 night races as afforded by the panoramic view from the 43rd floor.

The 3-day extravaganza was supported by a team of local and international DJs including Eddy Frampton, Sebastian Ferrari, Arlando Agam, Michael Venezuela, Dan Liu, Ian Sneaks, DJ Dowager, DJ Modium, DJ Joy and DJ Love; not forgetting DJ Triphina who brought her exotic vibes and energy to the dance floor on Day 1.

DJ Triphina

Day 2 was a showcase of bling and glitz. Singaporean label, Zardoze presented their Ready-to-Wear AW2013 and Panthea AW2013 collection, which features classy pieces perfect for a romantic evening.

Since Zardoze’s inception in 2011, the brand quickly found fans and maintained a strong footing in the local fashion scene because their meticulous handcrafted embellishments set them apart from the rest of the brand available in the saturated local fashion market. The sultry red dress pictured below has to be our favourite from Zardoze’s glamorous collection. Just look at that structured pom and the exquisite detailing lining the v-neck.

“Zardoze encapsulates the essence of distinctive feminine style. The Zardoze woman is poised and exudes regality.

Our ready-to-wear line puts an embellished twist on everyday wear,” says Zardoze’s director, Raveena LK.

A little party never killed nobody. How could there be a rousing finale without the infamous ‘model’ DJs rocking the stage for Day 3’s closing set? 4th World Sexiest Supermodel DJ,  Angie Vu Ha hailing all the way from Vietnam, was in attendance. She started her modelling career at the tender age of 17, but gave the runway up to focus on her other love: music.

DJ Love and DJ Angie Vu Ha

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