Remember how we got cuts behind our ears because we pointed at the moon? Creepy stuff.

Blame it on our traditional society. Blame it on our superstitious mothers. Blame it on our black-faced fathers.

We, as Singaporean children, grew up with a mix of folklore and mythical warnings that kept us rooted to the customary behaviour — probably because nothing scared us more than the promise of a spirit’s vengeance. Up to this day, we remember snippets of such ungrounded advices freely passed down and around this little town:

Don’t point at the moon or you’ll get a cut behind your ear.

Don’t play with the swings past 7pm. (Widely believed that the transition hour happens around 7pm.)

Don’t pick up coins on the floor.

Don’t pee on trees without asking for permission.

Don’t step on offerings.

Don’t give shoes or umbrellas as presents.

Don’t wash your hair at night!

Don’t turn back with your head. (Apparently you have three holy candles to protect you, one on your head, and both sides of your shoulder. If someone taps you on your shoulder, don’t turn your head to look back or you’ll knock down the candle.)

Don’t panic, but if you smell frangipani, there is a Pontianak nearby. If you hear distinct screaming, it’s probably right beside you (and vice versa).

Imagine having invisible supervision all the time. Imagine a pair of eyes watching you, wondering if you saw them, wondering if they should go up to you and… watch you closer.

Don’t want to imagine? Popspoken offers you an alternative: Join us at the horribly visible carnival of spectres over at Sentosa Spooktacular 2013 happening this and next weekend! Offering five terrifying trails based on Thailand’s silver screen horror gems (starring Chaba and the cast of Pee Mak), we might agree that some things are better left unseen. All the rules from childhood will suddenly seem useless when everything turns into a gory game, and your only fate is — as they proudly say it there — DEATH.

If you’re going to keep imagining, then let us know your dark stories/advices in the comments. Who knows, we might just send over a string of garlic.

Sentosa Spooktacular 2013

Dates: 19, 20, 25, 26, 31 Oct & 1, 2 Nov
Venue: Sentosa, Fort Siloso
Time: 7pm to 11pm
Tickets: $66.60 (Available at Sistic & Sentosa)