There is no doubt that this party is out to vie with Formula 1’s own rave. It is a battle of the mainstream beats. With striking headliners like the beautiful Australian Iggy Azalea and conspicuous Snoop Dogg (or Lion), and an impressive line-up stretching out to include homegrown artists from Sezairi Sezali to DJ Amy Van de Beuken; this is one electronic promise that better deliver.

Happening in about two weeks (20 – 21 Sep) at Marina Barrage, we pulled together an “essential” playlist for a little digital taste (and lyrics memorising) (or not, because who cares about the right words when we’re busy grabbing for junk and glow sticks in the dark):

Are you turned on yet?

1 World Music Festival
20th (Friday) and 21st (Saturday) September 2013
6pm, Marina Barrage
Tickets are from $118 on their site