The folks at Carlsberg love keeping things fresh. As part of their Where’s the Party  series, Carlsberg plays up the element of surprise for the 4th year running. Unbeknownst to the 50 lucky Singaporeans and 6 media outlets was the destination of this year’s “Where’s the Party” (Asia) 2013.  A coach ferried party revellers to a mysterious location in Kuala Lumpur which turned out to be “Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS)” away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

6 July 2013 saw MAEPS transform into a hub of festivities with 3,000 partygoers thronging a massive warehouse which was converted into the main party area with pulsating strobe beams, great acoustics and ethereal light displays. The stage was set for the travel-themed festivities with exit and departure gates flanking the party venue.

The cherry to top the icing was an Antonov 2AT airplane and ‘air stewardesses’ who served up an endless supply of Carlsberg. Sad to say, the first few acts of the night were lackluster – with Korean girl band Sweety and offbeat rappers Nine Lives taking the stage. What reeled us in were the fringe activities and the subsequent upbeat party acts.

From invigorating foot massages, to darts and traffic-related games – the MAEPS was replete with boisterous activities. Carlsberg advocates responsible drinking and gave out breathlysers to party-goers so they could keep their level of intoxication in check.

The crowd went ballistic when DJ Inquisitive came on and set those DJ decks ablaze. Hailing from Singapore, the resident DJ of Avalon worked the crowd up to a good sweat and left them wanting more. The good vibe continued with the sizzling DJ Miss Nine who brought the party to the next level with her distinctive EDM groove. The gorgeous A-Lister has her own monthly radio show broadcast over 35 countries. Being a veteran in the field, DJ Miss Nine certainly knew how to push the right buttons and got the party-people boogieing to her beats.

Headliners DJ Cazette put together a power-packed set and churned out crowd favourites such as “Sweet Dreams” and “Beam Me Up“. The Swedish duo played it cool for the first half of the set, letting the steady four-to-the-floor-beat and soaring synthlead quickly shuffle the crowd forward to a momentous climax. The unassuming built lent a refreshing thrill which injected vigor and vitality into their set.

As the night came to a resounding close, more surprises ensued. As partygoers headed towards the exit, they were greeted by 15 trucks belting out delectable Lok Lok. What better way to end a night of partying than a happy belly.

So, where will the elusive party end up in 2014?  Time for the guessing games to begin!


More images from Carlsberg’s “Where’s the Party” event can be found here. Much love goes out to Carlsberg for making this media trip possible.