If you enjoy dressing to the nines, standing around sipping champagne whilst burning your cash betting on fast steed – then Premier Racing Nights is the perfect place for you to spend your evening.

Premier Racing nights is Singapore’s top-notch thouroughbred horse racing syndication. Its modus operandi is to acquire, train and manage race horses; and at the same time, educate and involve horse enthusiasts in quality races. Since its inception with only a handful of members, Premier Racing has attracted over 200 members and will continue its healthy growth.

For this particular event, a shuttle bus ferried us to the exclusive “Marquee” section of Turf Club. As we alighted, photographers start tailing you like trigger-happy paparazzi, furiously snapping away. The organizers were going for the ‘red-carpet’ feel that night, in line with the “Hollywood Glamour” theme. This is one of the many themed events initiated by the luxurious Premier Racing club and they endeavour to come up with something novel each time to surprise and entertain their participants.

The night’s balmy breeze was a perfect way to unwind, but to beat the humidity monster we were led to an air-conditioned enclosure with dim-lighting where boisterous individuals greeted us. Most of the ladies were decked out in classy outfits, with an elaborate statement head-piece or bespoke hat. It makes one feel like they are in a filmstill of Seabiscuit. Aside from the glamorous atmosphere, we were plied with an endless flow of canapés, wines and spirits before the races began, to which we feasted to their heart’s content.

Indeed, this was an alternative lifestyle experience and an eye-opener to the Australian and UK ‘society racing’ events. To join Premier Racing’s varied social activities, stay in touch via their Facebook page. Aside from this “Hollywood” themed event, more exciting networking events will be introduced soon, so stay tuned!

For more information about joining Premier Racing Partnerships, check out their Facebook page or their website.