The Singapore Grand Prix effectively encapsulates the image of Singapore that the Singapore government hopes to cultivate – glamorous, cosmopolitan and decadent. The current edition of the Singapore Grand Prix was first staged in 2008, decades after the discontinuance of the previous edition, where races were held along Thomson Road in the 1970s. The Singapore Grand Prix has been termed the ‘crown jewel’ of the F1 circuit, with thousands of tourists flocking to Singapore to witness the only F1 night race. And of course, where glamour, millions of dollars and fast cars go, lavish parties for the well-heeled will follow.


Popspoken was lucky to be invited to one such party this weekend. Organized by McLaren and Fashion TV, the Sky Grand Prix party was held in newly opened Zafferano, a modern restaurant located at the roof top of Ocean Financial Centre. Supporting partners included August Man, August Women and Luxury Insider. Being located on the 43rd floor meant that the restaurant was perfectly situated to catch the F1 race – 3 turns of the race track actually wound around the building, enabling revelers to treat themselves to the sights and ear-splitting sounds of the F1 race cars tearing up the roads below.

Doors to the event opened at 630pm, and early birds were treated to plates of creamy risotto, luscious fresh mozerella and parma ham specially prepared by the Zafferano kitchen. Being a restaurant that specializes in contemporary Italian cuisine, it was no surprise that the plates flew off the hands of the servers as soon as they were brought out. Alcohol was free flowing as well – Popspoken spotted too many bottles of G. H. Mumm champagne, Jagermeister, red and white wine littering the tables along the V.I.P section.

Well-heeled crew from August Man

Well-heeled crew from August Man

Fashion TV’s very own Fashion Vodka was spotted being liberally imbibed by party goers as well, with shots being chased by swigs of Monster Energy Drinks. The copious amounts of alcohol, together with the music spun by the DJs (one of which was  former race car driver turned DJ, DJ Ben Joseph) meant that the very chicly dressed party goers (considering that one of the supporters of the event was August Man, Popspoken was not surprised – in fact, we were very pleased at the sight of so many well-turned out men) were all ready to let their hair down and celebrate till 4am in the early morn.

To add to the festivities, models wearing Valisere lingerie and HOM underwear came strutting out at 1030pm. Featuring 10 international models, each doing 3 change of clothes, attendees were very much intrigued (amidst other things) by the racy, provocative and yet very stylish undergarments that were on display.


The lacy, sheer and occasionally very flesh baring items that were displayed were clearly designed for one thing and one thing only – viewing pleasure. Valisere and HOM certainly succeeded in raising the temperature in a room that was already heaving with PYTs. Who knows – one of the many couplings that happened that night might have been caused by the heat generated by the fashion show!

The Sky Grand Prix party perfectly reflects the hedonism and decadence of the Singapore Grand Prix. Considering that the event will be broadcasted on Fashion TV’s cable channel, Popspoken is sure that the 400 million viewers around the world will very much appreciate how  crazy Singapore has become in recent years, and this will surely spark more interest in a nation that was once called a little red dot. We drink to many more years of F1 parties to come!