Ever since Francfranc stepped into the sunny shores of Singapore and set up its largest shop in the world at Vivocity, it has delighted many with its whimsical furnishings such as the life-sized polar bear and its giant chairs. Francfranc has since launched the first and new “Francfranc Hotel and Resort Collection” & the “Cruise Collection”- a collaboration with graphic designer Alan Chan and fashion designer Keita Maruyama. The lines are borne from two concepts; the Urban and the Resort Style.

“Cruise Collection” 

If clothes go through seasons, why can’t furniture? The Cruise Collection brings a fresh twist on modern and classic with its leaf-print sofas and wood-grained cupboards soaked in the autumn hues of brown and green to retain a charm that is perfect for cozying up to at the end of a hectic day.

“Hotel & Resort Collection”

“Hotel” featuring Urban Style by Alan Chan

The Urban Style here cuts a clean and fresh look to complement the modern outlook of the urban jungle. It is classic, refined yet playful and matches different materials, patterns and colours with white to express his perception. The collection aims to create a balance between the modern and classic whilst retaining the charm that is perfect for city dwellers looking for a sense of calmness and warmth when returning home.


“Resort” featuring Resort Style by Keith Maruyama

The Resort Style stands out with its Victorian print of flowers, oozing old school European charm but still keeping it current. It is a concept that is chic, easy and adorable with hints of nostalgia. The collection drew its inspiration from things that were Oriental, old American and European – combined to create a eclectic mix that hints of luxurious country styled holidays. The Hotel & Resort Collection expresses a urban modernity/victorian feel to a living space, depending on the style picked.

 The “Hotel and Resort Collection” & “Cruise Collection” aims to recreate the comfort of a hotel stay in your very own home. It is now available at the Vivocity outlet, #02-41/42.