Everyone has fond memories of their favourite liquors. Absolut Vodka, Grey Goose, Patron, Tanqueray, Barcardi Breezers (yes I won’t judge your 16 year old you)  – the choice of poison is endless. These yummy life changers shape our memories as we grow up, and in turn, our experiences influence our choice of tipple. Surely by now we’ve all experienced starting promising nights with cheap tequila shots, only to retch and swear off them for the next 3 years. Anyway, my point is – alcohol influences, and is influenced by experience (deep, I know).

As a non-discriminating drinker, it amazes me to say that Cointreau still remains one of my favourites. I have fond memories of a 19 year old me holed up in my bedroom with friends, loading up on Cointreau, before heading out for the night, not knowing what the next 5 hours will bring. Back then, and now actually, Cointreau, with its delicious orange tang, heralded the start of a night brimming with potential.


On the 20th of September 2012, as part of a regional consumer initiative that spans 7 countries in Asia, Cointreau kicked off its ‘One Night In Singapore’ series of parties. The event was held at newly opened Gem Bar, an industrial looking night spot, situated at the junction of Ann Siang Road and Club Street – making it the perfect spot for people watching. The event attracted a very fashionable crowd, with celebrities like Irene Ang and Jimmy Taenaka, and personalities like 77th Street’s founder Elim Chew, being spotted by Popspoken. That media types were present was no surprise to Popspoken, considering that the event was hosted by Fly Entertainment artist Magic Babe Ning, who entertained the crowd with a fire-breathing act and successfully drilled a nail into her nose.

Doors to the event opened at 7pm, and the crowd wasted no time making themselves feel comfortable. There were 2 options for imbibing alcohol: 1) guests could grab specially concocted free flowing Cointreau cocktails; 2) they could, under the supervision of exceedingly hot male model/bartenders, make their own cocktails – with fresh ingredients like strawberries being available for guests to tailor the Cointreau based drink to their taste. Popspoken was hard pressed as to which option we should proceed with first – no effort, ready made drinks or getting close supervision and instructions in cocktail making by sizzling model types.


Of the 2 available cocktails, Popspoken’s favourite was the Cointreau Fizz. An addictive mix of Cointreau, fresh lime juice and soda water, the Cointreau Fizz was a refreshing perk-me-up – much needed on a rainy Thursday evening. The interesting aftertaste that was left in the mouth by the complimentary orange and lime flavours made the Cointreau Fizz the clear winner over the other night’s specialty cocktail – the Cointreaupolitan, a mix of Cointreau, lemon and cranberry juice. Both cocktails were served in pink cocktail shakers, a nice souvenir that guests could bring home after the event.


All in, the event was a great way to celebrate the magic of Cointreau. Pairing a fire-breathing host who styles herself as Magic Babe Ning with a delicious drink, a stylish crowd and hot model bartenders is a sure fire way to spark cointreaversy, an image that Cointreau no doubt hopes to cultivate.