When you put the words ‘innovation’ and ‘beer’ in the same sentence, you don’t usually expect something that’s out of the world or something that even makes sense in the first place. If you put intoxication and beer in the same sentence… well, that’s a story for another day!

An innovation that is the first of its kind worldwide,  Singapore had the honor of seeing it first!

The night started simple enough as we were driven off to The Coastal Settlement, an exquisite bar located off Loyang Avenue, which boasts both an indoor and outdoor area.


We were treated to a free flow of complimentary Kronenbourg beers (which tasted like heaven!) and a royal buffet spread consisting entirely of their specialties: ranging from sashimi to kampung laksa.

After stuffing ourselves with the food and a few more swigs of beer, the moment we were all waiting for was finally happening: the unveiling of the innovation!

When we were first told that once this innovation goes live, drinking beer with your friends will never be the same again. A tad dramatic but it made us even more curious about the innovation! To be honest, we don’t even know how you could make beer drinking better.

However, they proved us wrong.

Tired of having only ONE beer dispenser to get your beer from? Well, thanks to Kronenbourg, you can get your beer from FOUR beer dispensers! The best part is its shaped in the Eiffel Tower, the iconic landmark of Kronenbourg’s point of origin.


The dispenser stands proud at 1m tall and is capable of holding up to 3 litres of beer. It’s also a cinch to refill the dispenser so we doubt you’ll be running out of beer anytime soon.

They were right – drinking with your friends will never be the same again!

The dispenser is best suited for big occasions such as holiday dinners with your friends and families. We also foresee bars  putting it to good use too where the Eiffel Tower will add a little romantic touch to your late night drinking.

Written by: Vanniluxe