Christmas in Singapore is marked by our love for shopping. Instead of buying gifts that end up being clutter or discarded after a month, we have narrowed down some last minute ideas that are experiential, enhancing, or even expansive, rather than expensive. Here are some of our best picks that gift experiences instead of things, focus their ability to enhance existing gifts, and be expansive enough to appeal to a range of tastes.


Maison 21G


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Parisian bespoke perfumery Maison 21G is here to change the way we perceive fragrances. Creating a unique scent identity is not merely optional, but quintessential. “As we remember 35% of what we smell and only 5% of what we see, there is no better way to conjure the festive spirit than with exclusive fragrances and creating special moments with the family,” says founder Johanna Monange. The stylish atelier at Duxton Road houses more than 33 distinct perfume concentrates from various sustainable, natural and cruelty-free sources, allowing consumers to tailor individual, high-quality fragrances that literally capture the weight of their souls (e.g. 21g) in both its formulation and appearance. Each luxurious perfume bottle also contains up to 21% perfume concentrate, which is almost twice of taqqhe industry average standard of 12%!

Just for Christmas, Maison 21G has unveiled the Christmas Hamper with a specially curated Scent Style Kit of three perfumes, two assorted roll-ons, and one solid perfume, and the Christmas Kit with one perfume, two assorted roll-ons and two mini solid perfumes. Personalised giftcards are also available for those who prefer to get hands-on with their scents.



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Homegrown botanical personalised skincare brand alche{me} is back from a complete facelift, one that aligns with our mission to be more sustainable. They have switched over all their products to glass, wood and paper materials as these are high quality, biodegradable, recyclable and ethically sourced. The bespoke products are now housed in coloured glass bottles that can be returned to them when they are emptied, where they will be properly cleaned, sterilised and reused in the creation of new products. Excellent gift options from their brand includes their new Face Serums, where three consistencies are available, and the Eye Serum, which is specially formulated to target address crow’s feet wrinkles, age-related eye lid sagginess, dark circles and puffiness.

Cofounder Tuyen Lamy explains that using a separate serum for the eye area is crucial because of how sensitive the area is: “The skin under the eye is different, it is much finer. If you put a face serum under the eye, the rich texture will clog the pores and cause bumps. The concerns for the eyes are also very different from the face. Dark circles come from issues of pigmentation, puffiness stems from water retention—these are issues that we usually do not have for the rest of the face. The eye area is also very sensitive so we cannot put the same active ingredients as we would use for the face as this will cause irritation. The ingredients we use for the eye area will have been dosed accordingly and formulated in mind of these issues.”

These serums are non-greasy and absorb quickly into the skin, ideal for those with with oily or dry skin conditions. All products are formulated according to the consumer’s skin conditions and preferences, so be sure to do a preliminary skin evaluation either through their website or at their physical store in Jewel Changi.

DRx Clinic

There are tons of facial treatment options in the market, but renowned aesthetic clinic DRx stands apart from the noise by offering a wholly personalised experience. The DRx Essential Facial Re/juvenation [Clinic Protocol] treatment starts with a thorough photo analysis, and then spilts into two parts, starting with the Venus Glow Skin Re/vitalizing Deep Cleanse, which uses a newfangled double cleansing technique to exfoliate the skin and rinse the pores. It then stimulates the skin through DermaElectroPoration(DEP) Transdermal Re/activating Infusion, which is a mini pulse treatment, and concludes with a cooling alginate mask. The entire process is formulated to the consumer’s skin conditions, painless, and highly suitable for those with sensitive or tricky skin.


The London Essence Company


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It is getting more fashionable to drink less or even not at all, which is why The London Essence Company’s launch in Singapore is especially fitting for the holiday season. Founded in 1896, on the banks of the River Thames, the establishment used to create essences for leading perfume houses, but now produces light and elegant tonics from the purest flavours through traditional distillation techniques. They make the perfect companion to enhance existing spirits or replace alcohol itself as a low calorie alternative.

The refreshments are available in six variants, including the Classic London Tonic Water, itself a precise balance of sweet citrus notes, bitter quinine and distilled juniper essence; as well as the Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic Water, Bitter Orange & Elderflower Tonic Water, Delicate Ginger Ale, Spiced Ginger Beer, and Soda Water. The glass bottles are luxuriously designed and we foresee them fitting in well with any home bars or making appearances at this season’s chic parties.



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Dyson has constantly been on our radar for its cutting-edge technology for luxury devices, like its Supersonic Hair Dryer or Airwrap, but if you cannot imagine putting down such a big sum for aesthetic purposes, how about investing in clean air for everyone? The issue of clean air is underrated in terms of its effects, especially health-wise. Air pollution can seriously affect our quality of life, clog our skin, and cause long-term medical concerns.

As someone who has battled with seasonal sinus and multiple bouts of mysterious cold, it is time to deck the halls with Dyson’s stylish household devices, starting with one that filters the air that surrounds us. The Dyson Pure Cool is a great addition to any house for its multifaceted properties as it can clean, regulate, purify, and cool the air throughout the house. It also comes with an on-board LCD screen that is paired with a sophisticated set of sensors to enable the machine to report on indoor air quality in real time and automatically regulate the air when pollutants are detected.



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If gifting anxiety is leaving you both physically and mentally stumped when it comes to sourcing the perfect present, perhaps the ideal millennial solution lies in the new-to market digital gifting platform, Giftano. Gift certificates are now carefully curated to filter the best offers from local merchants, ranging from experiences, dining sets, outdoor activities, and even party packages. There are over 1000 gifts from more than 100 hand-picked partners spread across retail, dining, beauty, and lifestyle companies, including Burnt Ends, Spa Esprit, and even a Yacht Sailing Cruise by White Sails. The cherry on top lies in its thoughtful delivery: the selected gifts can be sent digitally in an animated email, printed and sent physically in an envelope, or even delivered by courier in a luxurious gift box.



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What can be more thoughtful than a subscription to Netflix? Fully loaded with premium, jolly content to last us throughout Christmas, stay in and enjoy holiday titles, ranging from family-friendly films like “The Christmas Prince” and “The Knight Before Christmas” to the seriously underrated Spanish-American animated Christmas comedy piece, “Klaus”. There is always room for another year of Netflix and chilling, especially since the sleek platform is already set on releasing new sequels such as the teen romcom “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” in February 2020 and other original content to keep us entertained.




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Decked in shimmery carousel horses, snowflakes and snowman designs, your skincare obsessed friends will be delighted to get their hands on any of THEFACESHOP’s Nature Collection’s limited-edition Twinkle Party Christmas collection. The Korean skincare multi-shop makes Christmas gifting easy with their exclusive festive sets that are timeless and unisex in its appeal, making the products perfect for any Secret Santas or company gift exchanges. The Twinkle Party Avocado Body Care Set winks at our avocado obsession by harnessing the creamy, hydrating properties of the ingredient in the duo bodycare set. Another great choice is the belif Moisturizing Bomb Jumbo Set, which upsizes the bestselling moisturiser and includes the Moisturizing Bomb Powder to transform the product into an overnight sleeping mask.

Milani Cosmetics


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The recently Leaping Bunny certified beauty brand, Milani Cosmetics, is hitting all the right notes with their extensive festive collection to ensure that there is something for makeup aficionados. The Gilded Eyeshadow Palettes, which come in Ember, Jade, Noir, Rouge, and Violet, deliver intense shimmery and/or matte eyeshadow looks that play with day and night looks effortlessly. For those who are always the life of the party, the range of Hypnotic Lights Lip and Eye Toppers will make great stocking stuffers as they add a lovely iridescent coat to any base colour. The pragmatic will appreciate the newly launched Make It Last Setting Sprays to seal everything in, available in Satin and Matte Charcoal to achieve dewy and matte looks respectively.


Caring is sharing what we know about intimate care and what better way to start than investing in vulva pampering? After all, self care will always be the gift that continues giving. With more than 15 yers of industry experience, STRIP now offers the Rosebud Vajuvenation as a safe and non-invasive treatment for healthy, plump, and rosy vulva areas. The treatment can be done as an aesthetic choice, but also as a pre-juvenation treatment or restoration after pregnancy. The pain-free treatment uses a unique and exclusive Thermal O2 technology that combines Radio Frequency, vacuum suction and heat to restore a lifted, firmer and rosy glow on the skin of the labia majora. It stimulates the vulva area, almost like a hot-stone massage, and finishes with a soothing and hydrating mask to soothe and calm the skin, leaving it plump, pink, and supple.

Guardian x Olive Young


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K-beauty fans will be familiar with Olive Young, the leading drugstore in South Korea housing almost all of the top Korean beauty and health brands. They have recently entered into an exclusive partnership with Guardian, and that means that they have brought a series of exclusive cult favourite brands to our shores: BOTANIC HEAL boH, Bring Green, RoundAround, and WAKEMAKE. All of the skincare brands focus on using natural ingredients to achieve the signature dewy look typical of its beauty culture, while the solo cosmetic brand proves that killer performance does not need to come at a killer price point.

A botanical derma line, BOTANIC HEAL boH is the brand behind hero products like the Derma Water Ceramide Gel Cream, which protects the face with its ultra nourishing and hydrating formula suitable for our climate. Bring Green focuses on its use of greens and herbs, and their adorable masks are soaked in concentrated serums to deliver potent, instantaneous effects. RoundAround’s products range from home fragrances to skincare, and their Green Tea Pure Cleansing Oil is a back-to-basic item that performs overtime for the user with its double cleansing qualities. WAKEMAKE’s range of vivid, lightweight, velvet-smooth lipsticks will make it hard for you to choose one as they are so easy to wear and feel absolutely luxurious.


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