Hi, our names are Zee & Elle. We make cakes for a living.

Our works are inspired by whimsical colours and lush botanicals, and we hope to inspire others with our creations.

POPSPOKEN: How did you get into your current line of work?

We started off out of a passion for baking, we started baking in our own cosy home kitchens because we just felt like it’s so nice to be able to create something that can bring joy to others. I think that’s what got us here till today.

POPSPOKEN: How does a normal day look like?

Our days are usually super busy. We bake cakes, frost cakes, discuss about the designs with the team, decorate them together. It can get very intensive haha and the to-do list never ends.

Being in this creative line also means sourcing for items we need for each event, each theme. It’s all busy, but all fun!

POPSPOKEN: What are the top 3 apps you use in your creative work?

Unfold for Instagram stories, Pinterest, and Spotify for music in the studio. They help a lot in creative work on a day to day basis!

POPSPOKEN: What is the biggest challenge you face as a creative in Singapore?

Making it something you can do in the long term financially.

There needs to be a good balance between doing what you love and also being able to support yourself with it.

POPSPOKEN: What is your biggest creative pet peeve?

Creatives that run out of ideas and choose the easy way out. To get the job done fast, they sacrifice on the quality of the product.

POPSPOKEN: Do you have any advice for aspiring creatives?

Be truthful to yourself. It is easy to get lost in the opinions and voices of others, but it is only when you find your own style that you would be able to create something one of a kind.

POPSPOKEN: Where do you go and what do you do for inspiration?

Ooh, everywhere. We find inspiration from the daily, so think textures of maybe the tree trunk by the road, or the structure of a building down the street.

We’re really inspired by nature and what it has to give, so mainly when we take nature treks or travel! There’s a lot that nature has to offer.

POPSPOKEN: Are there any books or blogs you’d recommend?

Momofuku Milk Bar book. Christina Tosi is a a great inspiration to us because she’s a creative that listened to her own voice and did something that was truly herself. And to us, that’s amazing.

POPSPOKEN: Favourite travel destination and why.

Melbourne. The culture, the hype, the people, the fresh produce. The feeling there is kind of like being alive, creativity is found in many buildings, structures there.

Their markets are amazing, offering lots of fresh produce. I think the place provides the best of both worlds between the vibrant city life, and yet having lots to offer from nature- the forests, the treks, the mountains. We love it there!

POPSPOKEN: What have you worked on that you’re most proud of?

Our tree trunk cakes are our favourite! That’s something we draw from nature, we wanted to create something based on the tree trunks we see, so we came up with our own technique to recreate that. The moss, the textures, the rawness, the grains.

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POPSPOKEN: How do you approach getting stakeholders on board?

We currently have no stakeholders on board, it’s really just us and our amazing team who are so good at what they do.

But when looking for companies to work with, we definitely want to find someone with a good fit for the brand and what we stand for. Never change who you are or your work just to fit someone else. Stand by what you do.

POPSPOKEN: Is there anything you want to promote?

Helping out one another and respecting each other.

Trusting the creatives at what they do. Letting go and giving them the freedom.

POPSPOKEN: Where can people find you?

We are online, our web home is www.zeeandelle.com.

We work from our studio at 183 Jalan Pelikat, [email protected], #01-114. We don’t do walk ins but feel free to make an appointment to come down and talk about your dream cake!

POPSPOKEN: How would you like to be remembered?

To be one of their reasons for going after the things they love and listening to their inner voice.


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