Millennial 20/20, the two-day summit wholly dedicated to the insights of Gen Y returns to our shores on 25 and 26 October 2017, at the ArtScience Museum. With over 200 speakers, 50 exhibitions, 8 conferences, and a projected attendee rate of 3000 participants and more, the lineup over the next few days can get very overwhelming.

Touted as one of the largest conferences on the next generation, the agenda is divided into three prominent stages: Centre Stage, Digital Stage, and Solution Stage. Each stage is dedicated to a specific objective. Centre Stage will see the region’s industrial figureheads share insights and inspirations; Digital Stage employs a more hands-on approach and will be touching on specific case studies and/or practices; while Solutions Stage act as an overarching platform that will showcase the approaches within the industry, whether by the companies or their competitors.

Most of the prominent keynotes with companies like Agoda, Facebook, and Go-Jek, just to name a few, will also take place at the Solution Stage, as well as the results of the highly anticipated Millennial 20/20 Ones-to-Watch Award (MOWA) ceremony.

The panel sessions are then divided according to their industries, such as Travel, Finance, Innovation, Food & Beverage, Marketing, Fashion, and E-Commerce. With such a broad spectrum, finding a panel that caters to a specific business or interest should be a breeze.

So what else should we prepare for M20/20?

Name cards

First impressions count, especially in a place teeming with opportunities. Prepare enough name cards so that you make the most out of this networking haven. This is a quick and dirty way of keeping track who crosses your path, but if you want to stand out, opt to go the extra mile. We have seen people who ink stamp their contact information on hands, pass out personalised thumb drives, or even engrave it on a coconut shell drink. When it comes to millennial practices, nothing is off the table here.

30-second elevator pitch

Building from the previous point, a good first impression is often they key to brighter prospects. This means being prepared with a short elevator pitch just in case you meet the right person at the conference. A good guide that we like to follow is: name, what you are looking for, qualifications and/or education, positive traits from former employers, and finally, attributes that showcase your skills or values. It should be short and sweet, and if rehearsed enough, natural enough to slip into a casual introduction.

Gear up

The portable charger will be your best friend.

Get into the millennial thinking

Go forth and conquer — we are not all about avocados and hashtags.

Popspoken will be moderating one of the panels on 26 Oct, asking “What ingredients consist in a killer campaign?” 

Millennial 20/20 Singapore 2017
When? 25 Oct — 26 Oct, 9am — 8.30pm
ArtScience Museum, 6 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018974
Ticketed admission only (Purchase here, full agenda here)


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