To some people, 250 days could mean a fleeting academic year or a passing season at work.

But to local-grown band Amberhill, 250 days signified the dateline to produce their 5-track EP.

Farie Lights

Back in summer 2016, frontman Joshua Lau made public a challenge to himself: to write, record, produce and launch 5 songs in 250 days.

Under the pressure of time and expectations (if you promise the people you’re going to pull off a feat like this, you can bet the public will be on-edge for some results), and armed with a knowledge of recording and mixing techniques, Lau founded the 6-piece and Amberhill set out to produce their EP in a condo toilet-turned- studio.

Fuelled by the desire to prove that with the right techniques, bedroom musicians can produce studio-quality work, Amberhill came out with a resplendent 5-track EP Songs from Summer nearly a year later.

The masterpiece? Luscious. The EP boasts of resplendent, diaphanous vocals and lush-post rock beats with tracks like “She’s Better Off an Idea” and “Forests”.

Prolific with math rock influences with its guitar licks and touches of indie-folk with its dreamy delicateness, the ambient pop 5-track EP brings us back to a time where summer no longer meant cramming in internships or squeezing in jam-packed vacays, but rather sitting back and lolling in the dreamy, hazy days.

The band will be having their EP launch this Saturday alongside singer-songwriter Khai and indie start-up band Causeway Youth.

Amberhill EP Launch Poster


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