“Snap To Sell, Chat To Buy” That tagline makes it sound so easy, but after five years and countless app updates, popular mobile marketplace Carousell may need some help returning to the simple interface that helped it succeed in the first place.

One Carousell user didn’t just get frustrated with the app’s current limitations. Instead, he decided to make a list of improvements that Carousell could consider implementing.

Writing on Facebook, Hedirman Supian acknowledged Carousell’s efforts in engaging its users through push notifications, but felt that users would have a more positive experience if the app was redesigned.

Hedirman is on staff at Facebook, where he works on media partnerships. According to Facebook, he was formerly Deputy Digital Media Editor at MediaCorp.


In lieu of the saturated “Popular” tab on Carousell, Hedirman suggested a “ranked, personalised feed”, similar to Facebook’s News Feed, that would show listings based on accounts that the user follows.

To combat the many “$0 listings” used to market services or intangibles, Hedirman suggested a “separate section for services” to keep the main feed lean.

He ended his post with an ingenious idea: a notification that alerts you when the price goes down on an item you bookmarked earlier. A literal sale alert.

For articulating the angst of regular Carousellers so succinctly, the post spread quickly, coming into the attention of Carousell themselves within a day.


In a comment, Carousell thanked him for the feedback and took the chance to remind users about the services tab and price-watch feature, which were rolled out “not too long ago”.

You can find Hedirman’s full post below.

As of 2016, over 23 million items have been sold on Carousell. Can an improved user interface help sell 23 million more?


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