Have you ever experienced the frustration that arises when you something catches your fancy and you click buy, only to be greeted by the downer ‘This product does not ship to Singapore’? There goes your dream of owning that much coveted pair of limited edition New Balance sneakers, unless you’re willing to fly to the United States.

Users - Adidas Superstars - USA

Airfrov, a local startup, will ensure that you’ll never have to experience either upsetting scenario.

What is Airfrov exactly? Simply, it is a platform that matches travellers with shoppers (sounds a lot like a dating site) but no; it is a personal shopping service.

If you find yourself desiring a particular item not found in Singapore, all you have to do is make a simple request on platform. Travellers heading to the item’s country of origin will then accept your request, for a small fee. With Airfrov, you can now enjoy your favourite overseas products more frequently. To top it off, you also get to avoid paying exorbitant shipping costs, freeing up more money for your purchases. If you’re a traveler, it presents a great way for you to make a small profit by utilizing your empty luggage space. How’s that for matching supply and demand!

Currently, Airfrov caters to a broad range of requests, from limited edition toys, to waffle makers – although do note that requests for dangerous or prohibited items will be removed from the site, almost immediately, by the site’s moderators.

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The next time you find yourself craving some Korean snacks, or lusting after the newest Nike kicks, just log onto Airfrov and make a request. For a small fee, your shopping dreams can come true.