Have you ever felt like your usual training session isn’t long enough? Or felt like you are not pushing yourself to your limits?

PUMA announced Wednesday (Aug 19) that it has launched the 24-hour Trainathon series in search of the most ignited team in Asia.

The first of its kind and spanning across cities like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Jakarta, Tokyo and Hong Kong, the Trainathon challenges participants to endure training for 24 hours and only those who display extreme strength and determination will make past the various obstacles and to the 24th hour. Those who are found worthy, win the grand prize – S$1,000 cash, S$1,000 worth of PUMA merchandise and a paid trip to Hong Kong to compete in the Trainathon finale.

Do you think you can handle 24 hours of grueling training? The Singapore edition is happening on 5 September 2015 and you can register your team of four as soon as possible here. Only the first 30 teams would be able to compete, so hurry!

The Trainathon, split in 5 stages, challenges participants to work together for 24 hours to complete challenges consisting of body weight movements and overall strength and endurance. Each stage lasts 6 hours and after every stage, teams will be eliminated until there are only 3 teams left competing for the grand prize at the 24 hour mark.


More information about the 24 hour Trainathon here.

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