Here’s one for the coffee lovers: a tiny coffee chain by the name of Starbucks (you’ve probably never heard of them) is hopping onboard the overflowing #SG50 bandwagon, as our nation marches towards our Golden Jubilee!


Introducing the new “Birthday Frappuccino“, described to be “cakery goodness topped with raspberry pink whipped cream”. We’re not entirely sure what “cakery goodness” means (and what it’ll do to our diet) but the root word is cake and we like cake so why not?

Available from 3PM – 7PM daily from 3 – 11 August 2015, the new sweet-as-icing-sugar beverage comes only in Venti size. That’s the largest size but c’mon it’s National Day. Go big or go Home (by Kit Chan).

Another fine print for our fine city: the drink is only available with a minimum of 2 orders, limited to 4 orders per transaction. So grab a friend (or two, but no more than three) and head on down to your nearest Starbucks to celebrate National Day this week!


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