Brand new tea brand PIN TEA is a gourmet tea company founded by young Singaporeans chasing their wanderlust. Aiming for a global brand that is truly and proudly Singaporean, the artisanal tea company brings neighborhood-inspired teas steeped in all things local with bespoke notes of worldly travels.

Pin Tea’s debut collection comprises of eight unique blends, each taking inspiration from iconic neighborhoods:

  • Sentosa Sunrise is an invigorating summer flush Darjeeling breakfast tea inspired by our sunshine-­soaked shores;
  • Cha Cha Changi is a cosmopolitan update on bandung with its melange of milky smooth Anxi oolong tea with wild rose petals;
  • And the perfumey pearls of Tekka Minute’s jasmine green tea take inspiration from the flower garland sellers in Little India’s Tekka Market.
Image Credit: Pin Tea SG

Image Credit: Pin Tea SG

Herbal tea drinkers will appreciate Marina Magic, a calming tisane of lemongrass and ginger, while history buffs will find much to love in the Amoy Ahoy, a smoky Fujian oolong tea slow­roasted according to a three generation old recipe, and pays homage to the hazy opium dens that once lined Amoy Street.

Keeping things as local as it gets is Kampong Glamour – a bohemian infusion of oolong tea with dried peppermint leaves exclusively grown for Pin Tea by Comcrop, Singapore’s leading rooftop urban farm in the heart of town.

Pin Tea prides itself on its premium full leaf teas that it sources from a trusted network of organic farmers across Asia, through a century old heritage tea merchant in Singapore. Unlike tea from most commercial brands, Pin Tea’s small-batch teas maintain that they are all-natural and free from artificial flavorings.

Image Credit: Pin Tea SG

Image Credit: Pin Tea SG

Created with busy urbanites in mind, each tea is packed in premium silken pyramid teabags to allow the tea leaves to unfurl to their full expression while retaining on­the­go convenience for tea appreciation anytime and anywhere.

Pin Tea’s unique blends are going for $18 for 12 teabags and $25 for 18 teabags and are available on as well as select retailers such as [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], The Redundant Shop, Spr Mrkt, Candlenut Kitchen and Restaurant Labyrinth. Also served at the Gaggenau Kitchen Showroom.

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