First of April may have been April Fool’s Day for most people in Singapore. But for three Singaporeans, it was far from a joke.

Project Manager Ronnie Soh, 54, along with first-year National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduate Sean Teo, 22, and final-year private university student Tok Sin Joo, 22, emerged victorious at the Red Bull Paper Wings National Finals for Singapore.

2015-04-01 15.17.54

Held at Singapore Management University (SMU) last Wednesday, the competition was open to the public, and the only requirement was that the paper planes had to be constructed on the spot. The three categories of competition are longest distance, longest airtime and an aerobatics category of sixty seconds, where contestants could come up with stunts, either with their planes or themselves, to prove their worth creatively.

Mr Soh won the longest distance category with a 13.05m throw and a shocked Miss Tok screamed when her airtime lasted 4.4 seconds. Lastly, Mr Teo initially came to a tie with another contestant for scoring the same number of points from the judges. But a tie breaker proved that Mr Teo, with his variety of folding techniques and even some somersaults, was a better sport.

2015-04-01 18.20.05

Judges included helicopter pilot Cai Weijun, local rapper ShiGGa Shay and Red Bull athlete Farris Rahman. They were no less amused than the public when witnessing the contestants going all out with various flight patterns.

Triumphant in each category, the three winners will fly to Austria next month to represent Singapore in the World Finals. On 8 & 9 May, our Singapore representatives will compete at the iconic Hangar-7, Salzburg Airport amid the world’s most spectacular flying machines on display.

More than 80 countries will send national representatives over to Hangar-7. Think of it as a fun Olympics meet.

Now if you thought that paper planes were only a thing of the past that you did when you were bored, this legitimate competition will prove you otherwise.

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