In a city as bustling as Hong Kong, hotels might be luxurious, but one thing they can’t offer you, is a true blue local experience. It was there, in April 2014, where we had our virgin AirBnB experience. And boy, was it cosy. From navigating through the apartments that were stacked like shoeboxes, to picking the key from under the doormat, to realizing that the owner had left behind his selection of coffee table art books.. Of course, not forgetting this peculiar clock suffering a post-Salvador Dali meltdown. We were won over in an instant.

It brings us great joy to be sharing some love from Airbnb. Yes, the same guys who lately got hated on because they revamped their logo, which to some, looked like a phallic object. Haters gonna hate, still can’t stop these guys from sharing with the world an awesome service, that connects travellers to a home away from home. Hoteliers aren’t happy though, since Airbnb is effectively chewing off a huge slice of their pie, but could one blame them? Airbnb found a gap in the market, and plugged it good. Say goodbye to apartments that go empty in summer, and hurrah to minimising market ineffiency!

As for the skeptics, who never could understand why some people are so hooked to travelling – go on a solo trip, and start meeting people from diverse backgrounds. I once met someone, who very wisely shared a quote from Mark Twain: “Travel is fatal to bigotry”.  I could not agree more. You will come to realize that language is not a barrier, but a tool. People travelling don’t harp on their jobs, their wealth, or their worries – they enjoy the moment. That shared wonder of being in the same place, at the same time.

So, whenever you get the opportunity, travel. And what better way to explore a country thoroughly, than to live like a local, in an Airbnb apartment, with all your needs taken care for in the homeliest of ways.

Enough chatter, here goes our plug. A handmade train journey from the Airbnb folks.

—- Post sponsored by Airbnb —-