So we all know the folks from the creative industry always try to one-up each other. But to use your competitor to further your own cause? That’s sheer brilliance.

We are familiar with the Coke vs Pepsi rivalry. You know, the ad where a kid steps on two cans of Coke just to reach the button of the dispensing machine to get a Pepsi? How do you know when the mud-slinging gets too far.. Too far to the point of being sued?

In the recent DHL ad campaign, they steer clear of posting vicious content or slanderous content. Not that they had to anyway, because they simply let their competitors – e.g. UPS, FedEx – do the dirty job for them. You can’t fault the DHL marketers for shooting a ‘reality-esque‘ video ad featuring your ordinary delivery man on the street holding a billboard up for DHL.

That, is shrewd. Not only did they not have to rely on their competitors’ trademarks in the making of the ad, the budget was kept low and they achieved what they set out to do – get publicity.

There’s a twist though, apparently this was not a project initiated by DHL, but a clever external agency for competition submission purposes. Be that as it may, kudos to a job well done.