With its beginnings in Taiwan, SOSOON is Singapore’s answer to a one-stop online shopping delivery portal. We are familiar with the quick turnaround time for delivery of goods bought online at Amazon.com in America — something that Singapore  lacks, and SOSOON (managed by Uitox Pte Ltd) hopes to change this.

From Moet & Chandon to computers, mozzie magnets to bottles of detergent, SOSOON stocks it all. Their ever-growing inventory will be something to look forward to, and hopefully will eventually replace the need to squeeze through a jam-packed Mustafa shopping centre to get your hands on that hard-to-find gadget.

Mr Robert Van Lith, the General Manager of Uitox, is believes that customer service should be paramount, and will be the mantra that SOSOON goes by and he is confident that this will change the landscape of e-commerce in Singapore. Not happy with your goods? Pack it into the box it came in, hit the ‘return’ button in your account and someone will pop by your place to pick it up. Best part of is SOSOON’s 24 hour delivery guarantee. If the goods are not within the timeframe promised, SOSOON will credit a $10 voucher to your account automatically.


Robert shares with us that some of the bestselling products in the Taiwanese market include rice and diapers – bulky items that you would otherwise have to lug home from the supermarket. To put the system to the test, we decided to order some bulkier items too. We were pleased that right from the point of purchase, to the packing of the goods right to the actual delivery, the process was fast and seamless. There was also a minute-by-minute indication of when our parcel would reach us.

A quick call from the deliveryman signalled that our box of goodies had arrived, and ready to be signed for. We were pleased to find everything nicely bubble-wrapped and neatly packed into a sturdy white box (pictured above). How’s that for speedy delivery!