Looking set to be the largest year-end dance festival to happen on this side of the world, with big names in today’s dance music scene collectively swinging by and brought together for a one-night-only exclusivity (David Guetta! Martin Solveig! Alesso! Zedd! Lemaitre! Solomun! Flight Facilities! Breakbot! And many more!), how will this foreign event fare in our eyes and  local context? Read on and we’re about to find out and discover together..

In collaborative efforts with L.A. Ice and organized by Ismaya Live, the L.A. Ice Djakarta Warehouse Project returns for a sixth-year installment with a massive line-up of 30 Indonesian and 15 international acts. This is a long way coming since its incarnation within a warehouse in 2008, with 2012 boasting an audience capacity of over 23,000, and by the quick-eye assessment on the eventful Friday night itself, it sure met and surpassed prior expectations and figurative estimates.

Eco Park Ancol is the venue for this event, and it was transformed from a spacious golf course park into a concert zone with 3 main performance arenas – namely Garudha Ice Land, Cosmic Station and Neon Jungle. When we say it is spacious, it is indeed so, and one can imagine the distance travelled between different arenas and the number of times we got lost and caught ourselves in a daze in there. The weather was dramatically unkind that night, filled with sudden and heavy downpours that rained down upon the nicely-dressed crowd in hipster and party gears. Did we not mentioned the words ‘park’ and ‘rain’, as the next descriptive would sum up the state we were in by midpoint till the end of the night we were there: muddy.

With such a large-scale event, the management and handling of the logistics and the crowd must be key and one of the most important factors on the plate for the event organizers, which they did an average job in bringing all partygoers together in one venue for that one night. However, confusion had begun right at its doors, i.e. entrances, where a couple of different entrances easily had misled the crowd as to where the exact entry way to paradise for that night was. Crowd control could have been better, with the massive congested queues leading to the security checkpoints.

More signage and staff deployed will definitely aid in guidance on directional queries that the concertgoers might have, instead of scrambling about like headless chickens in search for their ideal destinations. The ground staff should be properly and thoroughly educated and trained on the event and all whereabouts in general, for how else would the crowd know if the staff themselves did not exactly know and lead us folks in a wild goose chase around the venue (noting that this was in the state that we were in, being drenched from head to toe and soaked in muddiness from the knees down)?

All-in-all, from the starry-eyed expressions and the carefree dance movements executed by spectators of the night, it was clear that the L.A. Ice Djakarta Warehouse Project had succeeded once again and won the crowd’s hearts all over. But there definitely are more rooms for improvements and grounds for coverage to investigate into, especially if they are moving forward and targeting this annual series as a regional and international attraction for people from all over the world and all walks of life.

Image credit: Rukes.com