2013 has been a pretty eventful year in the world of celebrity melt downs. More than a few wildly popular (and scarily enough, teen sensations) have taken a trip down memory lane. Memory lane being the hot mess express that Britney Spears was aboard way back in 2007. It seems as though being reckless about public image is a frightening new trend being adopted by many once “squeaky clean” celebrities.

5. Lindsay Lohan 

To ease us into our biggest celebrity hot messes, we thought it would be a good idea to start with a familiar face. The poster child of wasted youth- Linday Lohan! Lohan is like the comfort blanket of being a terrible role model. When we see our favorite celebrity disasters reclaiming their reputations after minor blips in their personal lives (i.e. Demi Lovato) Lindsay is the one celebrity we know will always be there for us. But even our classic hot mess example is on her way to enlightenment. Lohan has been in an intensive court ordered rehabilitation program for the past 3 months- whether this will change her at all we’re unsure due to the amount of times she’s tried and failed rehab in previous years. Here’s hoping (for our selfish entertainment reasons) Lohan doesn’t get her act together, and sticks around to amuse us for a few more years.

4. Rihanna 

Although the queen of “phreshing it out on the runway” is still bringing her A game in her music career- Rihanna seems to be slipping off the sane bandwagon due to the amount of fame and success she has attained over such a short period of time. Rihanna has effed up her public image beyond belief. It’s hard to believe that the once sweet R&B songstress has turned into some sort of sex craved maniac that requires attention to survive. It’s no secret, people are getting sick of Rihanna. If the girl took a break, and let herself have some artistic time away she might come out with an album full of hits- instead of releasing an album every five minutes that happens to have one or two massive #1 hits. Maybe the rumors are true. The illuminati got to her.


3. Miley Cyrus 

Seriously. What the hell happened to Miley Cyrus?! America’s sweetheart known under her alias Hannah Montana has veered off of the straight and narrow and has hijacked the hot mess express. With so much talent, it’s a shame seeing her mask it under outlandish and overtly sexual dance moves in not only weird but non sensical music videos. Miley Cyrus has basically thrown some serious shade at her fan base. Knowing that the fanbase is built on predominantly teenage girls, you’d think she’d try to set an example? But no. She’s insistent upon smoking weed and losing her identity. Someone needs to let her know that she’s a white girl born and raised in Nashville- not Jay Z.

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

2. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber. Another sweetheart of America gone horribly wrong. Why are all of these squeaky clean American teenagers suddenly finding themselves being pulled towards a ghetto gangster life? What is attractive about drive by shootings, drugs, and generally being an aggressive soul? Justin Bieber seems to have been severely corrupted by the constant stream of scandal and frenzy surrounding him. He’s become a clay mould of whatever his handlers and supposed friends want him to become. The biebs was never a musical genius, but he did have a level of talent beyond that of a normal person. It’s such a shame to see it go to waste with his insane antics – peeing into a bucket at a restaurant? His negative media presence is now overshadowing his profession. And that’s never a good sign of things to come.

1. Amanda Bynes 

Amanda Bynes has to be the most shocking celebrity melt down the entertainment industry has seen in quite some time. Formerly famed for having “a good head on her shoulders” the nickelodeon starlet seemed to have it all going for her- a string of moderately successful comedies paired with a dignified low presence in tabloids made her look as though she knew exactly what she was doing. But as most child stars eventually do, she turned into the most unexpected mess we’ve seen in quite some time. Amanda has called quite few celebrities (with much more star power than her) ugly or has generally insulted the public countless times over on her personal twitter account which she constantly reminds us is where she loves to speak her mind. Most confusing of all, she’s completely changed her appearance and has gone back and forth between asking Drake to murder her vagina- and calling him hideously ugly. Make up your mind Amanda!