Incanto, the high-value production worth millions will be staged by world-renowned Joe Labero, who was awarded the Merlin Award three times. In 2009, Labero received the prestigious prize in the magic industry, the ‘Illusionist Showman of the Decade’  by the Merlin Society (dubbed the Oscars of Magic). Being awarded this title is no easy feat! Past winners include magic legends such as David Copperfield and Siegfried & Roy.

Labero’s spectacular performance, Incanto, will be featured at Resorts World Sentosa from 8 November 2012 till 10 March 2013. It will showcase death-defying stunts, nimble acrobats, a sizzling hot cast and a team of award-winning producers.

The stage is set when a young Traveller (played by FLY Entertainment artist, Oon Shu Ann) sets her foot in a quaint monastery, which is the bridge between a hidden dimension of mystic and magic. The Traveller is guided by a Jester, who then attracts the furore of the evil Dungeon Master, mortal enemy of the Sorcerer who is played by Joe Labero.

Popspoken was privileged to attend an intimate private show hosted by the master magician and was awed by the many sleek tricks up his sleeve. Joe was able to dexterously turn innocuous paper into money and transform ropes into cigars. Magic is not as glamorous as it appears to be, in fact, it can be extremely dangerous. Joe recounts having a close shave with death during one of his acts, “The Bullet Catch“. Even when things went awry and he was faced with an excruciating bullet wound – he had to grin and bear it. He followed-through the act and rounded off the performance to the best of his ability – most certainly the mark of a true professional!

Despite the danger involved, practicing magic does have its perks – when asked whether he used magic to charm girls, he noted that it was useful in club settings where people were impressed by his sleight of hand. The top-notch illusionist was charming and eloquent in real life. His passion for magic started off when he was gifted a magic kit as a young lad; and since then has quelled an insatiable thirst of magical perfection to push each of his performances to its limits. After all, being a successful magician boils down to the level of immaculateness attained in the execution of each trick.

Witness the dynamic combination of magic, acrobatics, dance, elaborate costumes and more as this family-friendly production is set to impress even the youngest ones. International acrobatic acts such as the Wheel of Death will be staged in his show, and is the first ever in Asia.

The exhilarating Wheel of Death which stands at 12 metres tall, will be staged by the internationally acclaimed Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe, who has gold prizes at the Festival Mondial du Cirque de L’Avenir and Gold & Silver Clown awards at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival. Other notable acts include Double Levitation which involves the Sorcerer suspending his subject 10 metres above the stage and the six-metre high steel Blade Runner.


Performance days: Thursdays to Mondays at 8pm with an additional 4pm matinee show on Saturdays and Sundays.
Date: 8 Nov 2012 – 10 Mar 2013 (Public preview tickets will be staged on 4 and 5 November 2012 and are at 45% discount)
Price:  S$148, S$98, S$88, S$78, S$48

Incanto is presented by Resorts World Sentosa in association with Danze Fantasy Productions.
Tickets are available at SISTIC outlets,, the Festive Grand Ticketing and Gift Shop or