Welcome to Facebook, Prime Minister! Your cool quotient has officially upped by 25 points and a few snazzy e-badges just by creating your own Facebook page. Don’t worry, we only started last year so you are not too late to join in the fun :)

So now that you (and your team) are officially on the netizen radar, you must be wondering “How does this thing work?”. Well, basically you post updates, ask questions and engage with anyone who wants to engage with you. But here’s a part of Facebook we like – following other Facebook pages. It’s the way we get our news and pass it on to our Facebook fans. When it comes to entertainment and lifestyle, there are definitely some pages you should follow, Mr Prime Minister, that show just how amazing the scene in Singapore is. (This is assuming you are already following Arts Nominated Member of Parliament Janice Koh, because she is just too amazing to pass up.)

(We’re joking about that, Prime Minister. Forgive us. We promise to pay our taxes.)

Here are our picks for Facebook pages you (and everyone else) should follow:

1) Bandwagon


Bandwagon is a web application launched by Clarence Chan that helps people find out what gigs (that’s a smaller version of a concert, in case you are not aware, Mr Prime Minister) to go to this week. More importantly, Bandwagon supports everything that is happening in the local entertainment scene. From gigs by soul artiste Michaela Therese to concerts by stalwart band The Observatory (kudos on their 10 years!), they are the place we go to find out what our favourite bands and acts are up to. Who knows Minister Lee, you may be compelled to head down for a gig yourself.

2) Culturepush


Culturepush is a site that seeks to uncover budding Singapore artists and it’s really cool. Every month, a new designer designs their masthead banner and they frequently plug awesome art events to go to. They also have their own online magazine profiling creatives in Singapore. It’s a great way to find out who is bubbling in the creative industry – now, we just need you to help them get plugged to some major funding and equally major buyers. If you could do that, we would be eternally blessed.

3) While You Were Sleeping


Minister Lee, I’m sure you may have seen one or two staff in your team almost pass out from scanning through too many pages of policy after policy. What you don’t know is that when they excuse themselves to the loo, they are probably sleeping in the cubicles. (Probably.) This is a great social project that has gotten viral on Facebook focusing on writing simple notes of gratitude to students that were falling asleep while studying for their exams. I know, hardworking students we have here in our shores. The project has bloomed to virtually writing notes for anyone to express thanks, so the next time someone dozes off on their desk, maybe slipping a friendly note to wake up or be fired is ideal. :)

4) PARCO next NEXT


Fashion is on the rise in Singapore; did you know Minister Lee, that Singapore is one of the top 10 fashion capitals in the world? There has never been a greater time for Singapore designers to emerge from the classrooms to the woodwork and fashion design incubator Parco Next Next is a fervent supporter of Singapore fashion. (Ask the folks over at Spring Singapore.) It takes in selected designers yearly, gives them shop space in PARCO Marina Bay at Millenia Walk, funding and mentoring from the greats in Singapore fashion. Plus, they get opportunities to show in festivals such as Audi Fashion Festival. It is our responsibility to support budding talent, no? (Plus, imagine your revamped wardrobe from the menswear designers!)

5) Ken Teh’s Facebook profile


Besides liking Facebook pages, you can also subscribe to Facebook profiles to keep in tune with non-private updates. (Assuming you are not their friends on Facebook, which I presume can be quite intimidating.) Channel Newsasia’s team recently covered the failed North Korea rocket launch extensively but why would you want to know about updates that your PA can tell you? Online editor Ken Teh’s Facebook profile has some outtakes of his experiences there, including a few soldiers who were caught with constipated faces. We are sure that will be great material for your visit there. If you are in tune with tech news, Timothy Go’s Facebook profile is worth subscribing as well.

6) Xiaxue


Who is this Xiaxue you keep hearing your colleagues talk about? Well, the power of social media will help you stay connected to one of Singapore’s biggest personality bloggers. In the mix of rant posts, advertorials on beauty products and gorgeous food as well as travel updates and makeup tutorials, Xiaxue stays true to what so many people are endeared to her for – being herself. Perhaps it will be great material for the wife to get a few makeup tips?

7) ieatishootipost


The next time you are asking your staff to buy you some killer laksa, look no further than Dr Leslie Tay’s acclaimed blog documenting the best food we have crammed in 710 square kilometres. From humble hawker offerings to delicious restaurant fare, ieatishootipost also attempts to document the history behind some of Singapore’s family lines and the connections with their food empires. A caution though: you may get slightly hungry seeing food photos on your Facebook newsfeed. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. We’ve all been there, Minister Lee.

8) poskod.sg


We love this site for curating amazing stories about Singapore’s places and people. From soundscapes of cities like Buona Vista, to editorials about babysitters and photo essays about Singaporeans travelling across the causeway to watch a LionsXII match, poskod.sg is a riveting read. Plus, they share words of the day on their Facebook page which is great to insert into your next speech. The site is published by theatre practitioner Huzir Sulaiman.

9) ObscuRed.sg


Another brilliant site that serves to profile works by rising Singapore artists from a cross-section of areas including art, film and music. We guarantee you will find no lack of talent in Singapore judging by the boon emerging from schools and the industry. Besides, their Facebook cover photo looks beautiful, don’t you think so Minister Lee?

10) Popspoken

Because we helped you introduce this awesome list and because we profile the latest and the curated in the entertainment and lifestyle scene, like us please?  We promise to pay our taxes on time! :D