Oh Marina Bay Sands, why are you so OTT?

Six BASE jumpers did what anyone would do on New Year’s Day: head to the top of a very tall building and, you know, jump down from it. Fun, no?

This was Singapore’s largest-ever BASE jumping attempt. At 8.30am, the first of the BASE jumpers swan-dived off the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck, 200 meters in the air. The other BASE jumpers soon followed, landing one after the other on a pre-designated landing area on Bayfront Bridge. In 10 minutes, all six jumpers did their thing.

The BASE jumpers consisted of Marta Empinotti (Brazil), James Pouchert, Jeb Corliss, Anne Helliwell, Amanda Vicharelli and Brendon Cork (all from the USA). They have completed over 6,000 successful jumps in total. from places including the Eiffel Tower, Seattle’s Space Needle, Malaysia’s PETRONAS Towers and Christ the Redeemers statue in Rio de Janeiro.

This BASE jumping stunt was the brainchild of extreme sports enthusiast and professional BASE jumper Omer Mei-Dan. He successfully executed the world’s first climbing race on a building facade to mark Marina Bay Sands’ opening celebrations on 23 June 2010. After this morning’s huge success, he said, “It couldn’t have gone better. This has been one of the most exciting jumps I have organized to date, and to have been able to have the team BASE jump off the architectural marvel that is Marina Bay Sands, is a dream come true. All the jumpers are absolutely elated.”

A flying start to 2012. Now who says you can’t fulfill them New Year’s resolutions?