Christmas can be a bitch sometimes. There are big jams on Orchard Road, the Bangla workers keep molesting the girls outside Ngee Ann City, there are too many gifts to buy for too many people. If you’re fed-up of buying the same trinket or Christmas package for your friend (who probably has more than 5 of the same thing from the past two Christmases), you need to start abandoning how-tos on Christmas gifts and give them an experience they’ve never had before.


Which is why Lomography’s newest baby is just too cool. Lately, vintage seems to be all the rage. It seems we’ve had enough of new-fangled technologies and gadgets and are moving back to rediscovering the yesterday we were never born in but wish we were. The Lomokino revives the silent film that pioneered modern cinematography: no sound, no special effects, no post production – just simple lomography in motion.

The Lomokino is pretty simple to understand: wind up the crank, capture 144 shots on one roll of 35mm film and that makes a 36-48 second short at a gorgeously-slow 3 frames per second. You can use any kind of 35 mm film for different effects: slide film, colour negative, redscale or black & white. After developing the film, spool it into the specially developed LomoKinoScope and watch your lomographs move over and over again. The “video camera” itself looks like something straight out of the 1900s, complete with the prerequisite black matt finish.


(FYI, Lomography lets you upload your completed movies to the web to share with the world! Because ’tis the season to share your talents.)

A couple more things to note: the camera can be tripod-mounted and uses the same focal length as other analogues in the Lomography series. It has a 25mm lens, 1/100 shutter speed and a continuous aperture of f/5.6 – f/11.

Now, your friend will thank you for giving him/her the opportunity to immortalise his/her grandmother’s off-the-wall laughter and probably connect with her better with technology she can recognise. Who says heartwarming Christmases only belong to Charlie Sheen Carrie Underwood?

The Lomokino and LomoKinoScope bundle retails for US$101.26. The Lomokino itself retails for US$81.98. All prices quoted are retail prices from online store

Image credits: Lomography Singapore