As you may have known, Singapore now has our own YouTube landing page as a result of the partners’ programme setting up shop here recently. The page shows videos that are “trending” in Singapore but, surprisingly, Singapore-made videos are not as hot as the latest live performance of “The Boys” by Girls’ Generation. (I see what people are watching now.)

Here are 3 made-in-Singapore videos that are trending on YouTube’s Singapore page. (Tbh, a few thousand views isn’t really a “hot” video but it’s early days for Singapore content, plus these vids deserve the limelight in their very own special way.)

This video done by Sam Driscoll (who goes by the YouTube username Electricladyland8) is weird because:

1) It’s about SoSingaporean, whom we absolutely detest. (See rant post here by guest writer, Perry.)

2) It features an angmoh speaking in an authentically Singaporean accent. Terribly impressive.

Nevertheless, Sam does a pretty neat job summarising all the uniquely Singaporean things we do, from playing catching in primary school to having doubts about seeing Gurmit Singh in every TV show and commercial. (Except for Beauty Files, whom we are terribly disappointed to see George Young in for this season’s run.) It’s not really humorous stuff if STOMP and Singlish ain’t your cup of tea, but for the rest of the ah lian bloggers average Singaporean teenagers, it’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to all the stupid things we’ve said and done. Just remember: don’t pray pray, hor.

If standing on top of the Anderson Bridge doing flips is your kinda thing, then maybe you need to be friends with these guys.

Done by Chen Pin (who goes by the YouTube username denester), this video really shows how cool HDB estates can get when these guys are around, with flips, jumps and all sorts of gravity-defying stunts on parks your grandmothers probably use every afternoon. While it doesn’t look as dynamic as other parkour videos I’ve seen (maybe a wide-angle lens, guys?), I take my hat off to these guys who dare to defy, in spite of people staring at them. The video took four and a half years to make, which just goes to show how much jumping these guys get up to. Comments allude to them being in Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s “Film, Sound and Video” course. Well, looks like we now know where the talent comes from. :)

Okay, now this video is kinda disturbing.

Two kids from a primary school decided that letting their classmates sit around and watch them shuffling to LMFAO is a cool thing to do. To be really honest, I think these kiddos rock it better than the shuffling-and-wiggling duo themselves. These are the kind of guys that will grow up and enter clubs, raid the entire dancefloor with their moves and cause a lot of people to crowd around them. And when that happens, the dancefloor gets pretty tight (hey, I wanna dance too, so WHY THE F**K ARE YOU GUYS JUST STANDING AND WATCHING THEM?!) I can’t help but be a bit concerned about primary school kids shuffling their feet and not their exam notes, but these guys are just so badass that I say: keep on shufflin’! Just don’t land in jail too soon.