You would have heard the tune ‘You Me and the Bourgeoisie’ in the Apple iPhone 3Gs ad. What you probably didn’t know is that it’s sung by the Indie pop outfit, The Submarines. In fact, many of their songs have been featured in the soundtracks of movies, such as “Xavia” in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and even in Nip/Tuck, Grey’s Anatomy and the Gossip Girls.

With all that in mind, it was understandable why I was so hyped to be in Dublin when my sister managed to get tickets to their gig. How close were we? Pretty darn close, possibly just an arm’s length away from the microphone.


The atmosphere of the cosy venue was amazing. In fact, so cosy that Blake and John had to keep their own equipment during the transition for the next act.

As we watched them pack up, we were eagerly anticipating the next act, The Mountain Goats – the main act of the night. John Darnielle, the frontman of the band was included in Paste magazine’s top 100 Best Living Songwriters. Their song “Cotton” was in fact featured in the TV series, Weeds.

John was adept in getting the crowd hyped through his “oncological slapstick” (as described by various critics) and this made the gig even more interesting. For example, when describing songs, he’ll throw in random commentary – “Many songs are written about people living in house. But this song coming up is not about the people but about the house.”

As he belted out his hits, he sipped his beer, and hopped around the stage energetically. By this time, the crowd was fired up and so was John. He was really a chilli-padi on stage and proceeded to high-five everyone in the crowd. They ended the gig unofficially with the song “No Children”. But came back for encore not once, but twice. Superb set indeed.


As they left, I told Jon to “Come to Singapore!” and he nodded with a smile. Well, hopefully they’ll grace Singapore with their presence one day.