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Foo-shion Bout-eliers: Fleeting trend or legit future?

Singapore has seen a rising smattering of concept stores in recent times. From fashion ateliers offering a smorgasbord of lifestyle aesthetics to frou frou little food boutiques dressing-up Sunday staples like Eggs Bennie and macaroons, our little country is slowly becoming one of the most stylish destinations in the world. But is this just another transient fad or is this foo-shion here to stay?

Remy Martin Cognac Cocktail Masterclass

Cognac has a reputation of being an outdated spirit of choice, reminiscent of our Daddy’s generation. “XO”, anyone? Seriously, I’ve always only seen brandy being swished around in a short glass, which was in turn always tightly gripped by some manly hand. I vaguely recall being fed from said glass, beginning four years old. I also…

The BACARDI Singapore Cocktail Search 2012

BACARDI, the world's most awarded spirit, is now on the lookout for Singapore's next signature drink. The BACARDI Singapore Cocktail Search aims to bring together different cultures and personalities within Singapore to create cocktails that truly represent the Singaporean spirit - drinks that are made by Singaporeans for Singaporeans.