Wine & Dine

Secretaries’ Week: Roadhouse

For all you bosses out there, here’s a timely reminder: Secretaries’ Week takes place in the last full week of April, observed on the Wednesday of the full week. A good chance to commemorate administrative professionals for their invaluable contributions, we feel – and also a good excuse to celebrate with some gourmet treats. In…

La Forketta: Singapore’s Hottest Italian Eatery

La Forketta recently opened another branch of its wildly successful restaurants on Nassim road, and this particular outlet has an incredible ambience paired with its awesome food. The interior decor is colonial and rustic, but it also has a touch of that modern architectural style that Singapore is famous for. Dinner guests can be seen…

Is Waku Ghin Overrated?

World Gourmet Summit 2013 recently crowned Waku Ghin as the VISMARK Asian Restaurant Of The Year. Waku Ghin was also ranked 11th on the coveted 'World's 50 Best Restaurants' 2013 list. Champagne popping and celebrations aside, the accolades left me puzzled because Tetsuya's magic was hardly present during my experience there.

Spathe Public House: Almost Sparta-like portions

THIS IS SPATHE (cue Sparta meme) Well not really, but doesn’t the name bring to mind King Leonidas leading his 300 Spartans with that war cry? While the Bohemian vibes emulating from the dining area is miles away from the prominent city-state in ancient Greece, there are certain similarities that transcend time and space to…

Foo-shion Bout-eliers: Fleeting trend or legit future?

Singapore has seen a rising smattering of concept stores in recent times. From fashion ateliers offering a smorgasbord of lifestyle aesthetics to frou frou little food boutiques dressing-up Sunday staples like Eggs Bennie and macaroons, our little country is slowly becoming one of the most stylish destinations in the world. But is this just another transient fad or is this foo-shion here to stay?