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Lovin’ the 60s

Relationship advice from the 60s! Since we’re showin’ our lovin’ for the 60s, I figured some of y’all might want to know how love in the 60s was like.

Leave the Arts Alone

We live in a society that constantly tells us what we can do, or can’t do. Especially in Singapore, we are infamously known as The Fine City. Signs are aplenty in our island-state reminding us of the consequences that await if we chose not to abide by the rules. Everything is bounded by the law…

Malaysia Elections Unlikely to Derail Singapore Ties

Relations between Malaysia and Singapore have warmed in recent months but how will the outcome of Malaysia’s election expected this month affect the ambitious projects that the two neighbors are planning? Malaysian Prime Minster Najib Razak’s National Front coalition is locked in the tightest ever fight against the Pakatan Rakyat, an alliance led by former…