Cross-cultural Fashion Exchange at 20 By Two

20 By Two – Fashion Beyond Borders. Presented by FashionSpace and Tongue in Chic, two major advocators of budding local designers, 20 By Two is the product of a cross-cultural fashion exchange between Singapore and Malaysia, blending fashion, art and technology.

Perfect Pop-up Party Pandemonium

Bringing you bi-monthly pop-up parties at novel locations is Midnight Productions, a newly created event company that hopes to revolutionize the Singapore party scene. They held their debut party at the Red Dot Design Museum on the eve of National Day. Spinning the night away were class acts such as DJ Amy van de Beuken,…

Tyra Banks Visits Singapore

Tyra Banks, international super model, stopped by Singapore to promote Asia’s Next Top Model. You might have heard the term “smize”  being used a lot in fashion circles. This was coined by Tyra, and means “to smile with your eyes“. In 1994 and 1996, Tyra was proclaimed one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the…