We Put The “La” In LA

In this column, I uncover the secret (and not so secret) things to do while you're in Los Angeles, California, home to Lakers, Clippers, and generally the most perfect weather you'd come to enjoy in the Northern Hemisphere.

Top 5 Celebrity Hot Messes of 2013

2013 has been a pretty eventful year in the world of celebrity melt downs. More than a few wildly popular (and scarily enough, teen sensations) have taken a trip down memory lane. Memory lane being the hot mess express that Britney Spears was aboard way back in 2007. It seems as though being reckless about…

We’ll Miss You, Cory

Glee’s Finn Hudson. 191 centimetres of sweet and tasty. Lover of Lea Michele. Loved by millions. Gone. Found dead in a Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel room, the sudden loss of Cory Monteith came as a huge shock. I couldn’t believe it went the news broke. It was denial, but I really thought it was some sort of publicity stunt…