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Sir Ian McKellen shows the vulnerable side of “Mr. Holmes”

How many actors can we identify with the character Sherlock Holmes? We have Hollywood’s version played by the flamboyant Robert Downey Junior (which by the way, appears to have a 3rd instalment in the works) and the BBC series “Sherlock” that shot Benedict Cumberbatch to fame playing the neurotic character. Third’s time the charm with…


Remembering Lee Kuan Yew: #OverheardAtTheQueue

The personal, heartfelt accounts of grief and gratitude for Singapore founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew were expressed by Singaporeans all over social media in recent days. As some of Popspoken’s curators braved the sweltering heat and long waiting times in the queue, here is what we overheard from those in The Queue (that is…

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Want To Be The Next MasterChef Asia? Here’s How.

Calling all amateur cooks – think you can be the next Christine Ha or Luca Manfé? The MasterChef hit reality series that has spawned international and junior versions around the world is coming to Asia! To be filmed in Singapore, the 15-episode series will feature 3 judges (to be announced at a later date) and will premiere…

Prince Harry the mascot at the Mansion level

In Purrfect Company at The Cat Museum

With the likes of Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa, The Company of Cats and Meomi Cat Cafe (the crazy cat lady in me has been to 2 out of 3), we had our doubts that The Cat Museum was merely semantics for another cat cafe. It also came at a time where news broke of…

Participating Cafés — Café Fest Singapore 2014

Get your groove on with Spotify at Café Fest 2014!

With the inaugural Café Fest happening tomorrow and Saturday, 6 and 7 September 2014, we can feel Singapore’s brunch-loving, coffee and Instagram addicts brimming with excitement. And how better to enhance the experience than with Spotify? Launched in Singapore just over a year ago in April 2014, Spotify’s digital music service has been a great hit for…

Bombay Sapphire Announces 6 month hunt for Most Imaginative Cocktail at new bar CANVAS Singapore

Join the Hunt for the Most ImaGINative Cocktail with Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire‘s iconic sapphire-coloured bottle is no stranger to gin-lovers. And who can forget their first time having Bombay Sapphire in the club, watching the glass glow in semi-darkness? Since its creation, Bombay Sapphire has taken an imaginative approach to gin making. By sourcing for 10 different botanicals from ten exotic locations around the world, these ingredients…


Lessons to be Learnt from FMFA 2014

Last year following the spate of deaths from drug related incidents; DJs stepped up and vocalized their concerns on various social media platforms. We can only hope that fans would heed the advice from their favourite DJs.


Get Lucky with Hotel Clover

Some things are uniquely Singaporean. Like your lahs and your lehs. Another thing you'll find that's different in Singapore are the boutique hotels.