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Titanic Rocks In 3D, Literally

The dreaded curse of the 3D movie: sometimes it does wonders, and at others, you're wondering why was so much money wasted. We think James Cameron spent some good moolah recreating the 3D version. Read through for our review.

5 Exciting Scenes to Look Forward to in The Hunger Games

First and foremost, be warned because this article is mildly spoiler-ish. (We won’t spoil the most important parts of the plot for you though, so don’t worry!) Do note: this article was written based on what went down in the book (that, of course, had BETTER be in the movie!)

The Hunger Games European Premiere

We’re seven days away from the release of The Hunger Games in Singapore! Let the countdown begin. First, let us enjoy some photos from the film’s London premiere with the cast looking all dapper. The Hunger Games opens next Thursday, 22 March 2012 in Singapore. Watch our space for a review! [Update: The review can be…

Movies We’re Piped Up For – The Hunger Games

No no, enough of sparkling vampires and bare-chested werewolves. It’s time to gear up for one of the biggest franchises to date. Based on Suzanne Collins’ best-selling novel collection, The Hunger Games brings us into a dystopian world like no other. Every year amidst the ruins of Panem (formerly known as North America), the Capitol…

Album Review | Lunarin: The Midas Sessions

Sometimes, the best-laid plans go to waste. While other times, it is the unplanned that creates the most poignant magic. We’d like to think Lunarin’s latest acoustic effort, The Midas Sessions, falls into the latter category.  Originally intended to be a short EP consisting B-sides, the fact that the record has bloomed into a full-length…

After Two Epic Instalments: Hostel 3

Two epic instalments later and the franchise slides right into a straight-to-DVD release directed by Scott Spiegel. Eli Roth’s absence from this feature has left fans disappointed but hey, someone’s gotta helm Endangered Species, right? Here’s our take on this rather decent VOD sequel.

WATCH: Six BASE Jumpers Jump Off Marina Bay Sands & Are Pretty Insane

Oh Marina Bay Sands, why are you so OTT? Six BASE jumpers did what anyone would do on New Year’s Day: head to the top of a very tall building and, you know, jump down from it. Fun, no? This was Singapore’s largest-ever BASE jumping attempt. At 8.30am, the first of the BASE jumpers swan-dived off the…

Up Close and Personal with Quick Quick Danger: Singapore’s Rising Band

“Is that them? Oh my God I think it is!” Our photographer Ryhan practically squealed at the sight of the trio approaching us. Indeed, decked in flannel, high tops and shades (indoors I might add), the boys from Quick Quick Danger (QQD) stood out from the crowd like true rock stars. Despite their intimidating aura, the…