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Ku de ta X Silvian Imberg Cocktail Party

Silvian Imberg is a designer swimwear company that blends precision tailoring with modern  fabrics and design to create a bold, alluring look. Cutting edge techniques and materials shape a distinct design for these haute coutre swimwear pieces. The luxury swimwear brand has also developed a range of extremely wearable body contour dresses. Imberg’s target audience…

“Boom” by Jean Tay

LIFE! Theatre Awards "Best Original Script" winner Jean Tay takes on a subject close to every true-blue Singaporean's heart - Land. BOOM puts our property woes into perspective, through tales we have been familiar with. The ageing heartlander (Fanny Kee) - unwilling to sell the home she has grown to love. The conniving property agent (Andrew Lua) - eager to make a quick buck and the idealistic civil servant (Erwin Shah Ismail) - assigned with the herculean task of relocating graves.

MTV Movie Awards 2012 Live Screening

June 4 2012, 9am was the official live airing for the MTV Awards 2012. Popspoken was pleased to be invited to the live-screening at the MTV Office. VJs Holly Gabarek and Richard Herrera kickstarted the day by giving a brief overview of the awards that would be given out. Host Russell Brand used his unpredictable…

Raoul Brought the Meaning of Sophisticated Chic to Life

Local brand Raoul was featured on Day 2 of the Audi Fashion Festival 2012. This season's ensemble predominantly features 4 colours: namely, mandarin orange, lilac, turquoise and viridian green with styles catered for the sophisticated and elegant modern woman.

Titanic Rocks In 3D, Literally

The dreaded curse of the 3D movie: sometimes it does wonders, and at others, you're wondering why was so much money wasted. We think James Cameron spent some good moolah recreating the 3D version. Read through for our review.