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Muppets Sequel: Our Rants and Raves

So how does the Muppets’ latest escapade fare against its predecessor? We share our boos and bravos regarding the sequel, and give our verdict on whether the film was worth watching.

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Don’t be A Victim: Stand Up Against Workplace Bullying

Knowing one’s rights may seem unnecessary in Singapore where people generally follow the law and avoid trouble. But… What if you go to work every day and suffer in silence as your coworkers or bosses drive you, slowly and painfully to the brink of madness or maybe even suicide?


Lessons to be Learnt from FMFA 2014

Last year following the spate of deaths from drug related incidents; DJs stepped up and vocalized their concerns on various social media platforms. We can only hope that fans would heed the advice from their favourite DJs.


Andre Rieu, Master of Fantastical Classical Music in Singapore for First Time Ever

World renowned Andre Rieu was in Singapore this month, and just in case you missed the 2.5-hours of grandiosity, here’s a summary of what went down: blingbling-mmm-LOL-kaboombshhhlinglingling First, the blingbling: Andre Rieu’s shows aren’t just about the music. He makes sure it is such a splendid spectacle so that everyone, even the musically-illiterate, can have…


Our Experience with Dancing Crabs

The newly opened Cajun inspired Dancing Crab, part of the Tung Lok Group, makes its appearance at Turf City. The laidback vibe makes it easy for part of the space to double up as a bar. Even the bar is Cajun inspired – it serves Moonshine (the legal sort) which is essentially a white whiskey with high alcoholic content of…


Why Artpop Was A Necessary Failure For Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated and intensely over hyped 4th record “ARTPOP” hit the shelves in November of last year, but was making controversial waves throughout the industry as early as August with its lead single “Applause” under performing in comparison to her previous works. Gaga is one of those artists that is way too over exposed.…

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The Rise and Rise of Mina Kaye

Talented performer Mina Kaye, who plays the lead in Pangdemonium's The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, gives us a glimpse into the world of musical theatre.