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The first rule for any adventure is get out of the door. There’s nothing I love more than traipsing around town, ice cream cone in hand, snapping photos and collecting stories of places I stumble upon. Except shoes. I love shoes. Give me shoes and I’ll conquer the world.

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At Lean Bento, Hearty And Tasty Meals Are Now Guilt-Free

As someone who has tried, and forsaken, many fad diets over the years (hello Atkins and Paleo), any diet that promises to be the ticket to a better body starts sounding too good to be true. I can’t see how I wouldn’t lose weight subsisting only on kale, or whichever super food is having a…


How We Ate Our Way Through Tainan In 28 Hours

As one of Taiwan’s oldest cities, Tainan is home to not just delicious food, but also a history and culture as flavorful as the danzai noodles on the table. The historic sites are fascinating and the temples ornate, but for me, the food will always be the reason to visit Tainan. Loosen your belts and om nom nom away!…