Fuerza Bruta is a 360-degree postmodern theatre spectacle crammed into thirty minutes of frantic energy featuring interactions between the performers and the public.

The Argentinian acrobatic troupe headlined the Singapore Night Festival 2019 over three nights, performing a total of nine shows from Aug 29 to 31.

Within the nondescript tent at the Cathay Green, the performance worked to assault one’s senses with soaring acrobatics and stunts, accompanied by  a dazzling laser light show. Booming bass and synth music added to the experience of being in a club. 

Stunts by the performers are reminiscent of the scene in Mission Impossible, where Tom Cruise hangs by a wire in order to steal information of some kind. In Fuerza Bruta, one stunt even involves a portable wind tunnel.

The proximity of which the performers are to the audience gives you a sense of how hard these people train for art and entertainment. At each scene, they frequently cheer the crowd on, applause seemingly fuelling their thirst and hunger for the art. 

The tent then unfurls to the gasping and cheering of the crowd. The acrobatic performance seamlessly transitions into a sensory overload of a drumline and intoxicating visuals provided by immense LED panels. 

On the opposite side of the stage, a tangle of performers swing like a pendulum on the vertical ziplines. Limbs and bodies tangle as the music hits the audience on one side, and the spectacle of flying humans capture your attention on the other. 

After all, hanging on for dear life seems like a daily task for some of us. 

Photography credit: Darren “Merovign” Tan 


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