For the international tour of MAMMA MIA!, a simple curtain greets the audience as live music is being played for the first couple of minutes. Blue waves are projected across the curtain and for a moment, I thought of an old screensaver the Windows computers used to offer. Then my mind went: okay, what exactly did I sign up for.

But I must say that after the initial shock, the musical is nothing short of a delight and it was near impossible to not groove in my seat.

MAMMA MIA!, as most people might recall the 2012 movie featuring Meryl Streep, is set on a Greek island paradise that holds memories for Sophie as well as her mother Donna. About to get married and driven by curiosity, Sophie brings Donna face-to-face with three men from the past – one of whom might be Sophie’s father.


Besides the ABBA songs, which will never fail to entertain and get you singing, this is a shout-out to the conductor and musicians who brought the music to live in the grand theatre. The energy, enthusiasm and impeccable timing from the first song to the last are one of the things that drive the musical forward.

Coupled together with the strong ensemble dance numbers such as Money, Money, Money and Entr’acte/Under Attack, the excitement of being in the theatre was ignited. There is a reason why live musicals are worth the experience in comparison to a movie playing on screen. The incredible sense of satisfaction when witnessing the ensemble enjoy themselves on stage and exuding such confidence in executing complex choreography is like no other.

I must say that the ensemble for the MAMMA MIA! International Tour 2018/2019 is nothing short of amazing. Each had conviction in their performance and their chemistry, undeniable. Matt Jordan-Pidgeon, especially, stood out with his dance solo as Pepper.

But I must say that the ultimate show stealers are Shona White (as Donna Sheridan), Helen Anker (as Tanya), Nicky Swift (as Rosie), Daniel Crowder (as Harry Bright), Matthew Rutherford (as Bill Austin) and last but not least, Tamlyn Henderson (as Sam Carmichael).

Be it singing, dancing or simply having a sense of humour, they amazed. Though most of the musical is all fun and games, the heartfelt scenes worked as well – bringing the audience along on their emotional journey. It was a great balance of lighthearted as well as heart wrenching moments.

If you need just one reason to catch the musical, make them the reason for they are completely worth it. I particularly enjoyed Dancing Queen and Take a Chance on Me. They chase all the gloom away and prove that MAMMA MIA! is definitely a sunshine paradise and you can always pick yourself up when you are down.

So if you are a complete ABBA fan or are up for some lighthearted fun times, why not check out MAMMA MIA! before the run ends this weekend? It’s never too late to take a chance on this musical.


Date: 3rd – 18th November 2018
Venue: Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands
Time: Tuesday – Saturday, 8pm / Saturday, 2pm / Sunday, 1pm & 6pm
Admission: From $58 (Concessions available. Get your tickets here.)

Photographs courtesy of MAMMA MIA! 2017-18 UK Tour Cast Press/Publicity Photos by Brinkhoff/Mögenburg 


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